Invest in Espaciel, join us on Sowefund!

Espaciel wants to break new ground in 2018 and 2019.

Friends, partners, and customers, thanks to you Espaciel has delivered nearly 5000 light reflectors in 20 countries! So, we want to go further, faster to fully realize our ambition: To make daylight accessible to all! To continue this progress together, we are carrying out a participatory fundraising campaign on the Sowefund platform.


Since our inception, it is the feedback from family, friends and clients that has kept us going. Today we therefore call upon the participation of everyone, individual or professional, to support our development plan. And thus make Espaciel a leading company in its market. Strengthen the team, accentuate marketing actions, optimise our industrial processes and launch new products, the challenges we want to associate you with.


So to accompany us in this adventure, you can :

  • Take part from 400 €.
  • Share our fundraising campaign around you

Finally, you can also join the dedicated groups at Linkedin and Facebook or write to us on We will answer all your questions.

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