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2019 was a pivotal year in the history of Espaciel with the departure of Jérémie Marti and the arrival of Thomas Zborowski who joins me in the operational team. The growth of our sales on the website and the doubling of the number of professional shipyards means that we can start 2020 with a great momentum!

Strong growth in 2019

Espaciel sales reached €351,000 at the end of 2019, up 26% compared to 2018. Online sales to individuals remain the main source of turnover (B to C). 2019 marks the launch of some very fine projects for professionals and the emergence of this sales channel for Espaciel (B to B).

Crédit Agricole ordered the supply and installation of 40 Espaciel reflectors for its offices in Lille. To improve the brightness of its call centre in Amiens, EDF also chose Espaciel with 20 UpStore Reflectors installed. Nexity equips itself with 10 Patio Reflectors for a building in Nice.

In 2019, the signature of 15 contracts with reference customers doubled B-to-B sales compared to 2018. New projects are being studied for 2020.

Espaciel raises funds on Sowefund

In 2020 Espaciel is aiming for a turnover of 500,000 € and the achievement of financial equilibrium in terms of operating income. To achieve its objectives and finance its business plan, Espaciel is looking for €100,000. Sowefund is accompanying us in this operation with a new participative fund raising. Here is what this operation will allow us to finance:

  • Deploy our e-marketing plan to generate more visits to the Espaciel site (press relations campaign and creation of content for natural referencing).
  • Renew the Espaciel website and implement new web tools to boost the transformation of visitors into customers.
  • Ensuring the working capital required to carry out B to B projects, for which payment is only received after the work has been completed.

Join the Espaciel adventure !

Espaciel renews its confidence in Sowefund to carry out a participatory fundraising campaign with the public. You too become an investor!

For the amount of your choice from 100 €, you can join the adventure and become an associate of the company. Why join Espaciel by taking part in the fundraising on Sowefund?

  • Become a partner in a developing company
  • Make a daylighting nugget your own through your participation
  • Contribute to the development of an innovation that is useful to all.
  • Support an original company in the greentech eco-system in France
  • Build a portfolio of stocks including Espaciel, a pioneer in its market.

How to invest in Espaciel ?

Step One : Before you join us, evaluate your investment. Are you ready to block this amount of money for 3 years, the time to resell your shares when you redeem your shares? On the other hand, if things go wrong for Espaciel, are you ready to lose the amount invested? If yes, then you can invest 🙂

Second step : Is the amount invested meaningful to you? If Espaciel is valued 3 times its current value (€33.34 per share), what is your gain? Have you invested enough money so that the future increase in value is significant for you? If so, then you have the right amount 🙂

Third step : Register on Sowefund to subscribe directly online using your credit card or by bank transfer. >>

You have questions, you wish to exchange with the Espaciel team? Join one of the groups dedicated to fundraising on Linkedin and Facebook.

Dedicated FB Group :

Groupe In dedicated :

You will thus receive the first news about the company’s developments and the progress of the Sowefund campaign.

You can also write to us on in order to contact us directly for any information about Espaciel.

To invest in Espaciel and join the adventure, take part in Sowefund.

Espaciel page on Sowefund :

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