Lack of light in a ground floor on inner courtyard – Testimony of Christian in Paris

When Christian contacted us, he was skeptical concerning the advantages of window reflectors. Today he attests to the unexpected natural light potential that has literally transformed his ground floor apartment. 

View of the sky from the inner courtyard

« I live in a ground floor apartment in Paris. My windows are fitted with window boxes and the living room gives onto the terrace, so tending my window boxes couldn’t be easier. Is this an ideal home, offering contact with nature in the city? Well not really, since my apartment has always been sad and gloomy due to the lack of natural light.           

My apartment is completely surrounded by buildings that block the sunlight. The French window in the living room gives onto a pool of light, which falls directly onto my terrace. Standing beside my plants, when I look upwards I see a patch of blue sky, but in the apartment itself there’s no natural light at all. My apartment was dark and gloomy all year round.

Being a dab hand at DIY, I got hold of some large mirrors to use as reflectors, but this proved unsuccessful. The mirrors were both unwieldy and dangerous. I simply couldn’t make it work…

Before and After photo with the Espaciel light reflector

I did some research on the internet and came across Espaciel and their window reflectors. This immediately caught my attention, but would it work in my ground floor apartment?

Though skeptical, I contacted Espaciel. A customer adviser called me back and suggested a system adapted to my particular situation. Won over, I bought the recommended products directly online. When I fitted my three new reflectors I was in for a real surprise! Natural light flooded into my living room for the very first time. 

Light reflectors fitted in front of my French window

The reflectors are attached to the wall opposite the French window. Angled up towards the sky, they capture the natural light and project it inside. This arrangement effectively avoids dazzling and uses the living room ceiling as a light diffuser. Set 40 cm apart, the reflectors are perfectly integrated into the decoration of my terrace.

I can even see the reflection of the sky in the reflectors from inside my home. In good weather, the little patch of blue sky cheers me up and motivates me all day long.”

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