Lack of light in a south-facing living room opposite – Testimony of Zahira in the Paris region

Zahira, an Espaciel client, lives in a house in the city centre of a town in the Paris region. Due to the proximity of her neighbour’s house, her living room remained very dark despite the addition of a window and its southern exposure. Zahira considered several solutions, and in the end, it is the one from Espaciel that she has implemented

Context of Zahira’s situation

Can you show us your home?

I live in a house in the town centre in the Essonne, about 20 kilometres from Paris, which is very convenient. The natural luminosity is rather good and pleasant in the house in general, except in the living room. I have divided our main room in two with the help of a library: the dining room part and the living room part. The dining room faces north but has two large windows and a glass tile wall which makes it quite bright.


Why did you call Espaciel?

In the living room area, there were no windows at the time of the purchase of the house. I decided to add one in the back of it. After the work was done, I noticed that it brought additional light, but not enough. The atmosphere was still different from the rest of the house. The window faces due south but little light reaches it.

It opens directly onto the wall of the opposite neighbour’s house, which is about ten centimetres away. On top of that, there is my eaves overhang just above it. Result: too little light enters my living room, it remains relatively dark all year round. Yet it is a living room in which my family and I spend time.




The arrival of light reflectors

What solutions did you consider before Espaciel?

I’ve been looking for a long time for solutions to bring more light into this room. The installation of the window was already a big step. I then thought of the light pipe but its installation from the outside, quite visible, would most likely have been a problem for the commune. Moreover, there is a room above this room, the light pipe should have passed through it. So I quickly abandoned the idea.


While researching on Google, I read an article about a village in Italy that was very dark because it was located in a valley. The mayor had installed a giant mirror on the hill to bring light to its inhabitants. This gave me some ideas, so I searched for “reflecting mirror” on Google and discovered the site Espaciel.

Which reflector did you choose?

At first, I planned to order an interior light reflector to place in my room, under the window. But with the little direct light I had in the room, the result would be much better if I installed one outside the window and not inside. That way the reflector could catch more light and redirect it into my living room.

But I was still a little skeptical. It was the “Satisfied or Refund” offer that convinced me to try it (Upon receipt of the product, you have 30 days to try it, install it and keep it or send it back to us. We will refund you the totality of your order, minus the return shipping costs). I then chose the 60 x 25cm exterior reflector from the online store that fits my window and its width very well.

The result of the Espaciel reflectors

I installed the Espaciel reflector myself, it was pretty easy. At first, I had positioned it badly, it did not redirect the light in the room but on the top of the window. Then I understood that I had to tilt it a little more inward so that the light could reflect in and go deeper.

I was very surprised at the result! From noon when the sun comes over my house, the effect is really there! I have more light in my living room, there is even a square of sun rays forming on the ceiling. I tested it and I am completely satisfied!




Any last words?

I also followed another advice given by Espaciel in his guide of the 6 Tips at low cost to bring light into your home. I changed my black and white striped curtains for translucent white flies that let the light redirected by the reflector pass through more easily. As for my dark furniture, it’s still there, but I’m thinking about replacing it eventually!

The light reflector really brings cheerfulness to this room that was completely dark before. I finally enjoy all the natural light that a south-facing living room could hope for!

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