The Espaciel Reflector is not a mirror!

Espaciel has set up a unique system to improve the natural brightness of your dark rooms:  the light reflector. When you look at it, it seems like a regular mirror but the truth is that it is much more efficient! Many people ask us the difference between the light reflector and a mirror. For this reason, we decided to write you an article introducing the 5 unique benefits of the Espaciel reflector.

Find out why the Espaciel light reflector is not a mirror!

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1) The Espaciel Light reflector is: More efficient than a mirror

avantages réflecteur miroir lumière espaciel

The Espaciel light reflector is 5 times lighter than a mirror & 30% more reflective. It was developed after 4 years of research and development. Thanks to its weight advantage, this “high-tech” reflector is easy to handle. It can bring up to 50% more natural light into your room.

This gain can change depending on the weather, the time of day… In some cases the gain can even be +300 or +400%!



These before-and-after pictures show the increase of brightness in our customers’ rooms thanks to an installation of one or several light reflectors. The device, the luxmeter, measures the amount of lux (light) in a room.



2) The Espaciel light reflector is: Unbreakable

The light reflector Espaciel is only made of resistant metals and aluminum, all of it without any glass included: it is unbreakable. It is very resistant to damage from impacts or bad weather conditions (rain, snow, hail, wind …) which ensures its long lasting life. Thus, your installation is completely secured, even if you install the reflector on your 3rd floor window overlooking a busy street.

réflecteur miroir lumière espaciel

3) The Espaciel light reflector: Works every day

avantages réflecteur miroir lumière espaciel

The effect of the light reflector is visible with and without sunlight. It works well, every day, no matter if the weather is shiny, cloudy or rainy. The daylight and the sun’s rays are redirected inside your home. Some of our clients even tell us that the result is better when it rains.


banniere avant apres en


4) The Espaciel light reflector is: Anti-glaring

avantages réflecteur miroir lumière espaciel

Your visual comfort is assured with the light reflector. Its patented system was designed for the well-being of the occupants. How? The reflector surface does not dazzle and you can tilt it in a way the light is either projected on the ceiling or deep in the room. Once the reflector is tilted as you want, you only have to tighten the nuts and then the reflector keeps its position. Then, you no longer have to take care of it: the maintenance is very simple, you just have to clean it occasionally with a cloth and some water.


5) The Espaciel light reflector: Is easy to install

The reflector mounting system is accessible to everyone. It can be adapted to every kind of windows and bay windows depending on the model: interior, exterior, balcony and garden reflector. In only a few minutes, the reflector is installed, without construction work, and the result is immediate!

avantages réflecteur miroir lumière espaciel

Do you want a professional that can take care of installation of your light reflectors? Throughout France, a competent installer can fix your light reflectors: a simple, practical and economical solution through our partner: Frizbiz. You can order the installation at the same time that you order your reflectors on our online store.

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Why don’t you just install a conventional mirror instead of the light reflector?

  • A classic mirror does not allow a secured installation: the mirror, made of glass, can be easily broken due to impacts and weather conditions. This is absolutely not safe if it falls from an upper floor.
  • A classic mirror does not ensure a high quality result: the effect provided by the mirror is lower compared to the effect provided by the light reflector. The surface of the reflector is 30% more reflective. Then, it brings more natural light inside your home.
  • A classic mirror cannot be easily installed: a regular mirror is heavy and has no fixation included. The installation of a mirror on a window would be very complicated and not safe.

To be short, the Espaciel reflector is the only solution in the world that increases the natural brightness of dark rooms, and no construction work is needed to install it. If we had to compare it with a simple mirror then it would be called as a “super window mirror”!


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