Light on Espaciel logistics for your delivery!

Light on Espaciel logistics for your delivery! Already 4000 reflectors delivered in more than 20 countries.

Who’s doing all these mailings? Espaciel has chosen to work with a logistician like no other.

Based near Roubaix, the epicentre of French mail order, Ensovo is the logistics platform entrusted by Espaciel. The aim is to deliver the light reflectors to the four corners of the world. This company of 30 people does not only do logistics since this operational mission is coupled with a role of social integration. Part of Ensovo’s workforce is following a programme of Integration through Economic Activity (IAE). The objective is then to facilitate the beneficiaries’ access to stable employment that allows them to get back on their feet in the labour market.


In charge of Espaciel logistics at Ensovo, Lucile B. supervises a team of 4 people. It ensures the shipment of Espaciel reflectors within the week for orders received from Monday to Wednesday. Orders received from Thursday to Sunday are sent at the beginning of the following week.

Details about your Espaciel order!

The average time between order and delivery for Espaciel customers in France is 5 days. It takes a few more days to deliver to other countries. The transport time depends on the distance and, if necessary, the customs clearance.

So for this stage of transport and home delivery to our customers, Espaciel reflectors are packaged as do-it-yourself kits. The transport packaging is made entirely of cardboard. The tape is made of sticky kraft paper. Espaciel packaging is 99.99% recyclable directly into the paper processing stream. The only non-recyclable element is the plastic bag of the screws. By the way, the only plastic part in the whole package. We are still looking for an alternative on this particular point.

For distributor customers, such as Leroy Merlin, BHV… Espaciel has edited a range of light reflector presentation sleeves for each type of assembly. Very colourful and educational, they allow customers to discover in store the natural light benefits of Espaciel reflectors without having to visit the website. Ensovo is also responsible for the storage and implementation of these communication elements.


To conclude, logistics is an integral part of the service offered by Espaciel to its customers. With the highly recyclable packaging and the insertion approach of our partner Ensovo, Espaciel’s logistics is in line with the company’s values. Thus it corresponds well to its local inking in the Lille region.

Your Espaciel delivery arrives on time, so you quickly enjoy more natural light in your home!

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