mon amenagement maison . fr first web reseller Espaciel

Mon Aménagement Maison was Espaciel’s first web partner. Today, our two companies have been working together for 4 years.


Light on mon aménagement maison

A little history…

In 2009, after having made its weapons in the distribution, Yvan Osselin creates the site with the will to integrate more transparency in e-commerce.

In 2012, Yvan decides to create another site focused on the home, which is monamé Yvan and his team are in Lille at Euratechnologies, the centre of excellence dedicated to digital technologies.



What are the advantages of

Mon Aménagement Maison offers a catalogue of products dedicated to the home such as furniture and lighting design or decoration. Its customers are individuals, communities or companies. The suppliers of the site are selected for a use of noble and quality raw materials as well as for their manufacture within the European Union.


The site offers volume prices granted by manufacturers. Customers can benefit from discounts of up to 40%.

Moreover, all prices displayed on the site include delivery charges and each product sheet indicates delivery times.

In addition, the design of the website allows the customer to navigate easily. Thanks to large photos and detailed product sheets. is positioned on heavy, large and bulky products, which represents a real economic legitimacy to transport them directly from the manufacturer to the final customer.


Referenced light therapy and light conduit space

Mon Aménagement maison et Espaciel is 4 years of luminous collaboration.

The site offers different solutions for natural light such as stairs, skylights … The catalog of brings together original products and design. The light reflectors are referenced in the category Skylights and in the category Light Reflector.


Thus, Espaciel light reflectors are the ideal solution to instantly amplify the natural luminosity of dark homes. They provide comfort and well-being on a daily basis. The light reflectors are placed under the sky in front of a window or a French window and work every day, whether it is sunny, grey or raining.

Espaciel, it’s more than 5000 installations including a part via the site

In conclusion, our collaboration has a bright future ahead of it to discover new useful products for the home such as Espaciel.



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