Natural light is life!

Launch of the blog “Natural Light and Lifestyle”.

Natural light is an essential need. We all need it to feel good at home and to enjoy daily well-being and vitality.

Yet there are many, many dark dwellings. Espaciel has launched an innovative solution to allow people with little light in their homes to recover natural light in their homes thanks to Light Reflectors.

Depending on the sensitivity of the occupants, the lack of brightness can cause discomfort ranging from simple discomfort to real suffering.


At Espaciel, our ambition is to make daylight accessible to everyone where they live.

And yes, that’s it!

We designed the world’s first window reflectors as window accessories.


Super efficient, ultra practical and truly durable, Espaciel reflectors can be installed in 5 minutes and work even without sunlight.


Une véritable révolution !

For the first time, daylight becomes child’s play.

This creates completely new possibilities for interior design with natural light.

At Espaciel we are convinced that our clients can create their own lifestyle with natural light in spaces that were not originally suitable.

It’s a brand new story that we propose you to write together and of which this blog will be the logbook.


This is what motivates us today to open up this new space of communication.

May it enlighten you!

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