Spring: the secrets to prepare for its smooth arrival

The cold spell is slowly coming to an end, to the delight of those who are cold. It’s spring’s turn to come and say hello. And that in a very short time, on March 20th. Discover in this article, our secrets to prepare its arrival smoothly.



Spring, there you are!


1. Take advantage of natural light

Firstly, with the arrival of spring, temperatures and sunshine increase. Take the opportunity to go out in the city or in the forest. We can never say it enough, but natural light is a real medicine for our health. It’s the only thing outside. Despite the coolness, get out and enjoy it. At home, think of the Espaciel light reflector that brings natural light into your home.




2. Bring out the colors, match them with your flowers

Thereafter, early spring is an ideal season for your garden to bloom. Dress up your outside and accompany your flowers with bright colours!


Now is the time to bring out the colours, for the pleasure of your eyes but also for your body. Yes, they act directly on our emotions and our balance. So to harmonize your mind, here are the colors we recommend:

  • Green : harmony, balance and energy
  • Blue : serenity, peace and rest
  • Orange : anti-fatigue, vitality and dynamism
  • Red : strength, warmth and power

The coloured covers of the Espaciel reflector are available in just such colours. You can find out more here: coloured trim.




3. Anticipate the time change

Finally, the changeover to summer time comes a few days after the arrival of spring. This change adds an extra hour to our time zone. Please remember to change your watches. It is important to get back to a good rhythm of life because our body needs several weeks to recover from this small shift. Our tips, rest and keep your habits, in particular:

  • A healthy and balanced diet
  • Practice of a sporting activity
  • Limiting the use of electronic devices in the evening


And there you have it, you now have our secrets to prepare the spring smoothly!


Finally, discover in video, the Espaciel news about our Youtube channel.

    Do you have a dark room and want to increase its natural light? Contact us and we will be happy to give you personal advice: info@espaciel.com.


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