Sophie Ferjani presents the Espaciel Reflector!

Sophie Ferjani présente le réflecteur espaciel dans l'émission mieux chez soi sur M6
The Espaciel Reflector in the spotlight on the show Mieux chez soi

In Stéphane Plaza’s programme Mieux chez Soi on M6, interior designer Sophie Ferjani presents the Espaciel Reflector to bring natural light into your home. Jennifer, a client of the agency, has the problem of not having enough light in her home.

  • Owner : Jennifer
  • Type of accommodation : Maison
  • City : Paris
  • Opening : Window
  • Room : Living room
  • Model to be installed : Reflector Window
Sophie Ferjani explique le fonctionnement du Réflecteur Espaciel à Stéphane Plaza et Jennifer, cliente de l'agence
The Espaciel Light Reflector in the Better Home Agency

The theme of the day is to let the light naturally enter your interior. Sophie Ferjani presents a selection of objects that will help Jennifer to bring more light into her home, especially, the Espaciel Reflector. The faithful members of the agency know it because an architect has already used it for one of his projects.


Sophie Ferjani’s explanation of the Reflector to Stéphane Plaza and Jennifer

The Window Reflector is installed outside, in front of a window. It will allow you to capture the light from the sky and by articulating the surface, collect the sun rays that do not enter directly into your home. It is the same concept as a mirror, but it is not a mirror, the Light Reflector is 4 times more reflective and 3 times lighter, moreover its surface is unbreakable. Even in the North, we get light back.

“We get up to 50% more light back into the interior! »

Sophie Ferjani


Jennifer, cliente de l'agence est conquis par la solution de Sophie Ferjani, le Réflecteur de Lumière pour faire entrer la lumière dans son intérieur
Jennifer, Better Home client

“For me, all that brings light is that moreover, so that I like, I validate. »


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