Summer light – how to enjoy it at home?

It’s summer, the beautiful days are here! Did you know that the ambient light outside is 10 to 100 times brighter than our minimum lighting requirements? How about bringing this beautiful light into your home? At Espaciel, we have imagined solutions to make this possible.

In this article, we offer you a selection of our favourite products to decorate your exterior and make your interior naturally brighter! In terms of natural lighting, the link between Indoor and Outdoor is essential. Yes, the two are linked! Find out how in this article.


Outdoor features to bring summer into the house

How can you turn your balcony into a source of well-being with natural light?

Want to relax on your balcony? What a great idea to enjoy the light from the sky. Now imagine being able to bring this natural luminosity into your home all year round. Thanks to the Espaciel Balcony Reflector, this is possible.


Its highly reflective surface captures light from the sky and redirects it deep into your living room. The Balcony Espaciel reflector can be installed in an instant on your balustrade. And guess what? Its sleek design allows it to blend in perfectly with your planters and outdoor furniture.

What if the light from the garden could illuminate your home?

By fitting out your exterior with the Jardin Espaciel Reflector, you immediately benefit from a gain in luminosity in your interior. Its highly reflective surface captures natural light from the sky and redirects it deep into your home.


I mean, the little something extra? Bring pep and colour to your exterior. Discover the Espaciel colour variations. Turn your garden and terrace into new sources of light and well-being in your home.

To find out more, Espaciel offers you a natural and outdoor light guide.

Light reflectors are the ideal alternative combining outdoor design and natural indoor light. And that’s not all. Discover the whole family of Espaciel outdoor solutions that give you more vitality all year round.

> Discover how the Light Reflector works in video on our Youtube channel.

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