The Espaciel Intelligent Reflector

Seeing the sun at the bottom of the garden without enjoying it at home is particularly frustrating. Yet this is the lot of millions of people around the world. In France, one house out of five is exposed to the north (Solen figures, the expert in natural light studies for housing). We had to find a solution.

Follow the sun like a sunflower to light up homes. A request from our customers that becomes reality – Photo Alina Vilchenko

Solar tracking Espaciel

Espaciel’s mission is to make natural light accessible to all. Access to sunlight for people living in north-facing houses is important to us. The sun is of fundamental importance for our health (biological rhythm, sleep cycle, vitamin D synthesis, serotonin secretion…). Inventing a technology to connect with the sun seems essential to us.

How do you reflect the sun’s rays from the garden back into the house? – Photo Matheus Bartelli

Espaciel needs you to launch its new product!

Solar lighting of habitats but exposed requires a solar tracking system. This is a new challenge for the company which must extend its field of action to electronics and computing. It is also a new step to take on the commercial side to communicate and propose this novelty.

In order to anticipate all these issues in the middle of the Covid crisis, Espaciel naturally turns to you. Friends, relatives, colleagues, partners and customers, you can play an essential role in this adventure! Support us during pre-sales on the Espaciel website and during the Indiegogo campaign. We tell you more in this blog post.

Electronics, a new skill for Espaciel in addition to optics and mechanics – Photo Espaciel

Why a new reflector in the Espaciel range ?

Espaciel is embarking on the most ambitious project since its creation: industrializing a light reflector that follows the sun in the sky all day.

Many of you have contacted us to ask for this type of product. It is a great challenge for Espaciel to offer you this long awaited solution!

Following the launch a year ago of the remote-controlled motorized reflector, Espaciel has developed a solar tracking sensor. We tested it conclusively in spring. It was patented this summer.

The Intelligent Reflector completes the Espaciel range to meet customers’ expectations – Photo Espaciel

Pre-sale launch now

In order to validate the needs expressed and to finance the industrialization of this new product, we are now launching pre-orders on the special website. This approach will be amplified and highlighted even more in November during the Indiegogo campaign we are preparing.

During this period we want to interact with you as much as possible to collect your ideas and opinions on the product as we imagine it.

The objective of this pre-sales phase is to involve you in the finalization of the product:

Natural light plays an essential role in our rhythm of life, learning and health – Photo Andrea Piacquadio

What is the status of the project at this time?

Following the successful test of the solar collector last May, we finalized its design and filed a patent with the Inpi this summer. We are now launched in the industrialization phase. What does this involve?

Refining the product design, contacting industrial suppliers, making new prototypes, improving the solar tracking software… We have a lot to do between now and April. 🙂

Functioning diagram of the Intelligent Reflector – Computer graphics Espaciel

We need your help

You have an essential role to play in the launch of this new product! Espaciel gives you the floor and allows you to get involved at several levels.

Here is how you can help us make this new challenge a reality…

>> Participate in the Espaciel survey

Here is an online questionnaire to better target your expectations regarding this innovation. The five questions will take you no more than a minute to answer.

Répondre au questionnaire

>> Relay on social networks

Join the Facebook or Linkedin group dedicated to the launch of this new product.

To be informed in real time of our progress on the product and on the pre-financing campaign, join our dedicated Facebook or Linkedin group.

We invite you to join the pages dedicated to the Intelligent Reflector:

Join the Espaciel adventure by participating in the presales of the Intelligent Reflector – Photo Andrea Piacquadio

Exceptional discounts during pre-sales

We offer exceptional discounts on the occasion of pre-sales of the Intelligent Reflector.

>> To discover on the Espaciel page on Indiegogo:

Bluffing the effect Before / After of the intelligent reflector which multiplies by 10 the luminosity in the dark rooms – Photo Espaciel

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