Thick walls: how to lighten a country house? – Testimony of Christine à Aigle

Christine is one of our Espaciel clients in Switzerland (see another testimonial in Switzerland here). She lives in the commune of Aigle (world cycling centre), south of Montreux and close to the French border. It’s a small town where most of the houses are village houses, like Christine’s one. These houses are full of character but remain dark because of small windows and thick walls. Christine has managed to overcome this situation and make her house more modern… Find out how below.

Background on Christine’s situation

Can you show us your home?

I live in a small 2-storey house in a village area in Aigle, Switzerland. It is a house from the 1800s with small windows and thick walls in which we have already done some work to make the interior more modern: complete renovation of the house, maximum enlargement of the windows, interior design (walls painted white, fitted kitchen, light wood furniture…). My husband and I run a paint shop, it is important for us to have a bright, luminous and welcoming house.

maison campagne sombre réflecteur de lumière espaciel suisse

One side of our house is rather sunny while the other is a little buried, Aigle being a rather hilly mountain town. Our house is located in an alley and the house opposite also blocks the light. Our kitchen and living room, located on the ground floor, overlook this rather dark alley. We were looking for a solution without works to lighten this part of our house. I did some research on the internet and that’s when I found Espaciel.



Ordering and installation of Espaciel reflectors

How did you find out about Espaciel?

After discovering the Espaciel reflector on the website, I ordered the products. Everything was well explained on the site, I didn’t need to call on the light consultants to help me in my choice of reflectors. I ordered two exterior models of 60cm*25cm to install them on my kitchen window sills.

maison campagne sombre réflecteur de lumière espaciel suisse

How was the installation of your Espaciel reflectors?

The length and fixing of these reflectors are perfectly suitable as you can see on the picture, they work even with thick walls like mine. The adjustable bar that holds the reflector rests on the two window sills. It’s an ingenious and secure fixing. Also, my husband who did the installation told me that it was very simple and quick.



The result after installation

What difference(s) did you notice?

The contrast is stronger when there is sunlight, however the effect of the Espaciel reflector is visible every day, in sunny as well as in grey weather. I tilt the reflector so that it directs the light towards the ceiling in the kitchen area, which also brightens up the living area.

From now on I don’t have to turn on the artificial light when there is sunlight. The room is very sunny thanks to the Espaciel reflector that redirects the rays inside.

I find that the reflector blends very well with the window and is hardly noticeable.

maison campagne sombre réflecteur de lumière espaciel suisse


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