This summer become the master of the sun with Espaciel!

Many of you contact us looking for a solution that will allow the sun to be reflected from the bottom of the garden back to your house, terrace or verandah. This summer Espaciel exhauls this wish with a simple and accessible solution, available now on our online shop. Discover this new product, the Motorized Garden Reflector

surface du réflecteur jardin motorisé avec un rayon de soleil
Motorized Garden Reflector Surface

Receiving the sun’s rays when facing north with the Motorized Garden Reflector

aladin et la lanterne
Aladdin and the genius of the lantern

If, like Aladdin, I was equipped with a magic lantern. I’d say, “Genie turns my house upside down so it faces the sun.”

célèbre léonard de vinci
A Leonardo da Vinci mechanism

If, like Leonardo da Vinci, I were a renaissance scholar, I would say, “Disciple draw me a house on wheels that can turn on itself“.

la citadelle vauban
Vauban and its citadels

If, like Vauban, I were the Sun King’s engineer, I would say “Army dig me a prismatic citadel to capture the sun’s rays“.

At Espaciel, we don’t have powers as extensive as those three illustrious characters. Yet our solution is as magical as Aladdin’s Genie of the Lantern, it spins like Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanisms and is anchored to the ground like Vauban’s citadels.

le réflecteur jardin motorisé à l'extérieur pour permettre d'éclairer naturellement la pièce et faire entrer les rayons du soleil
Motorized Garden Reflector

The magic

Remotely controlled, the new Motorized Garden Reflector allows you to redirect the sun’s rays from the bottom of the garden, without moving, with a simple touch of your fingers on the remote control.

The mechanism

Powered by a sturdy motorization, the new Espaciel Reflector can be oriented and tilted along two axes allowing it to follow the path of the sun in the sky.


Insensitive to weather conditions, the new Espaciel Reflector takes root in the ground. It can either be placed on the ground or screwed into the lawn. Its structure consists of reinforced aluminium and stainless steel elements.

The Motorized Garden Reflector

Equipped with a robust and high-performance 2-axis motor, remotely controlled by a radio remote control, the Motorized Garden Reflector offers a remarkable response to the need for sunlight in north-facing houses.

apport en lumière dans la pièce avec le Réflecteur Jardin motorisé avec la télécommande pour suivre la courbe du soleil
Redirect the sun at home without going out in the garden

Why did it take until 2019 to capture the sun in the north?

Previous attempts to provide this service have so far been thwarted by too high ambitions. Our customers do not ask us for an autonomous solar battery power supply. They do not ask us for pre-programmed GPS guidance or real-time solar tracking. This type of product is called a heliostat and is expensive. Our customers do not have €10,000 for this type of solution, nor 5 years of R&D ahead of them to wait for its development.

The originality of our approach is to only take into account the main expectation of our customers: To have sun at home and not just at the bottom of the garden! Pragmatic, we have focused on this fundamental need. This is already what we had done for the need for daylight with the existing range of Light Reflectors.

le soleil au fond du jardin
The sun at the bottom of the garden

Introductory offer

With the return of good weather, Espaciel customers want sunshine now and whatever the orientation of their home. That’s exactly what we offer with the Motorized Garden Reflector whose recommended retail price is 989 € TTC. The first 20 units purchased benefit from an exceptional introductory discount of 300 € TTC, giving a purchase price for the first customers of only 689 € TTC.

offre de lancement pour le réflecteur jardin motorisé pour les 20 premières commandes

Options and installation

The Motorised Garden Reflector is available in two versions: to be placed on the ground or to be screwed into the garden. The Motorised Garden Reflector is powered by a 10-metre 220v cable, supplied, to be plugged into an external socket. The remote control works with a 9v battery supplied.

From sky light to sunlight

Until now the Espaciel Reflector range has been mainly dedicated to increasing the brightness of sky light without sunlight. With the Motorized Garden Reflector it is the sun rays that we want to capture. Step by step Espaciel provides solutions to benefit from the two components of natural light: the sky and the sun. After thousands of manual Reflector installations, we are proud to take this first step in motorization, home automation and soon the connected home. A new step for the company and above all new possibilities to enjoy the benefits of the sun for our customers!

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