What if 5 French startups helped you sell your property?

All of us will one day have to move. The reasons for a move are many and varied: a change of job, the desire for a bigger house, the arrival of a child, noisy neighbours and so on. Finding a new home is no easy task, but neither is selling a property! It takes time, money and a lot of patience! Fortunately, there are new solutions to sell your property easily and quickly!

Holding house keys on house shaped keychain in front of a new home

5 French startups have decided to meet in order to offer you practical and innovative solutions. But who are these 5 startups? What do they propose as solutions? We tell you everything!

Before arriving at the final deed which is the sale of his home, there are first several steps:


First of all, when you decide to move, you have to pack up and empty your apartment or house. And that’s where Ouistock comes in! The only priority of this young startup, is to make your life easier during all your moving and storage experiences.


Then, when your accommodation is completely empty, an inventory of fixtures must be made. There are often small renovations to be carried out. But not everyone can do it. Frizbiz is there to help you! It is a platform of Jobbing and services between private individuals which makes life easier in all the needs of the everyday life: small do-it-yourself, cleaning, moving. Wherever you are, Frizbiz is the jobbing site that allows you to find help close to home.


Once these two steps have been completed, you realize that your home is rather dark and that you want more natural light. But how do you solve this problem? Espaciel has looked into the matter! For Espaciel, natural light is an essential need for comfort and well-being. Espaciel reflectors provide a simple, effective and elegant solution to optimise the natural luminosity of your home.




All you have to do now is take some nice pictures to attract future buyers! Then call on Meero! It is a team of passionate and motivated photographers who are trained in shooting methods. It is a dynamic, organized and curious team that could make your life easier! They bend over backwards to satisfy you!


And to complete your process, you need to move your furniture to your new home! Unfortunately, moving services are often expensive! The professionals at Trusk will transport your furniture in no time at all to the desired destination at a price you set in advance. So there are no unpleasant surprises!

In conclusion, these 5 startups offer you nice, clever and easy services to simplify your life as well as the sale of your home!

By calling on us, you put all the chances on your side to optimize your sale!

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