How should you install your Light Reflector?

Safe and simple installation

Espaciel Light Reflector Installation

All the Light Reflectors in the Espaciel range are designed for easy installation, thanks to their ingenious fastenings.

Installation takes just a few minutes and can be undertaken by absolutely anyone.

Our Reflectors are perfectly safe both to install and to use: all our Light Reflectors are designed to remain effective for many years in external conditions. They will withstand bad weather, gusts of wind and major variations in temperature.

Examples of fitting by our customers

Espaciel City Apartment

City apartment

A natural light solution perfectly adapted for a shared ownership property.

Espaciel Country House

Country house

A solution that blends perfectly with a traditional property.

Espaciel Three Successive Rooms

Apartment with three successive rooms

A large Reflector for deep light penetration.

Espaciel Loft Apartment

Loft apartment

A Reflector with refined design and easy to integrate.

Espaciel Haussmann Apartment

Haussmann-style apartment building

Perfect for wrought iron railings.

Espaciel Contemporary Home

Contemporary home

A decorative element to extend the windows.

Espaciel Duplex


A view of the sky and increased light in the picture windows.

Espaciel Basement Duplex

Basement duplex

A system designed to optimize light in a ha-ha or ground-level basement window.

Having your Reflector fitted

Espaciel Installer

Would you like to have your Espaciel Reflectors fitted by a qualified installer? We take care of everything!

If you’d like to have the fitting included, simply add it when you place your order. We will identify an installer located close to you.

Once your Espaciel order has been placed, we will organize the date and time of installation with you.

The installation option is available for all Espaciel Reflectors, in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

"The installer fitted and adjusted my Espaciel Window Reflector in barely fifteen minutes. It’s extremely practical if you’re not into DIY or simply don’t have the time."

Damien B.
First floor apartment, Paris.