1st collaboration with an influential woman in New York!

Espaciel regularly collaborates with decorators, influencers and interior designers. Discover Stéphanie, a blogger who naturally lights up her New York apartment with the Light Reflector!

bloggeuse française stéphanique jaquier résidant dans un appartement à New York
Stéphanie, French blogger in New York City

Stéphanie, French Influencer in New York City

This is Stephanie. A 29-year-old Marseillaise exiled to New York for almost two years. She loves lively and original interiors, hunting out wonders of the past, beautiful colors as well as plants and flowers.

A young influential girl, Stephanie has become completely addicted to decoration since buying her apartment in New York 5 years ago with her boyfriend. In the most influential city in the world, she discovered great finds, great brands and wanted to share them via social networks! She loves to write. The idea to launch her blog came as a matter of course to join her 2 passions: decoration and writing. She promotes slow decorating, that is to say that she gives ideas to decorate her home without over-consuming, by favouring second-hand purchases for example!

photos instagram de stéphanie pour donner des idées pour décorer son intérieur
Instagram by Stéphanie, blogger

His blog, Elephant in the room

son blog est elephant in the room pour dire qu'un intérieur joliment décoré contribue à notre bien-être

Elephant in the room is a nod to Charles Eames’ iconic Elephant. It’s also a way of saying that a beautifully decorated interior contributes so much to our well-being that we shouldn’t ignore or botch its decoration. If you like vintage, bohemian style, DIY, slow deco, plants, colors, recuperation and flowers, you will love his blog : Elephant in the room.

le légendaire elephant de charles eames pour faire référence à son blog
Charles Eames’ legendary Elephant

A brighter New York City apartment with the Espaciel Reflector

le réflecteur fenêtre devant la fenêtre de Stéphanie dans son appartement à New York pour éclairer naturellement son intérieur
The Espaciel Reflector in front of the window

Stephanie takes great pleasure in writing articles on subjects that she likes. She mainly collaborates with brands that share the same values as hers.

In New York City, many buildings are very high and block the entrance of light. In the spring and summer, its interior is quite bright. But in winter it is dark. Accustomed to the sun of Marseille, she is very sensitive to the lack of light which impacts her mood and morale. She looked for a solution and she came across Espaciel.

“I was thrilled to discover a truly innovative product because when I started researching how to increase the natural light in my New York apartment, I wasn’t at all sure I’d find something that would work for me! »


At the beginning of 2019, when Stephanie discovered Espaciel she was enchanted by the concept. She contacts us to propose a collaboration.

“I really liked the fact that Espaciel is a start-up with young employees who seemed very enthusiastic about these Light Reflectors, and the concept of bringing natural light into their homes, I think it’s great ! »


The results

avant après de son appartement à New York avec le réflecteur espaciel réel apport en lumière naturelle dans la pièce
Before/after in Stephanie’s stay

Stephanie chose the Window Reflector, to be fixed outside, in front of her window to be in direct contact with the sky and redirect daylight into her interior. The Window Reflector was shipped quickly, but it took 3 weeks for transatlantic transport from France and for customs clearance. Upon receipt, Stephanie installed her Window Reflector on one of the windows. She could immediately see the effect in her living room and the gain in clarity. Her apartment in New York became brighter.


Stephanie is delighted that the Window Reflector illuminates her interior perfectly. For her, natural light is very important to feel good.

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