Colour your windows & balconies with Espaciel cladding!

Spring is coming… It’s time to embellish your exterior: colours and flowers are the watchword. Espaciel reflectors are the solution to make the most of the spring light in your home. And with our novelty, the colourful trim, put more colour in front of your windows and patio doors!




The colourful Espaciel dressing


We have the pleasure to introduce you to the colourful dressing for your Espaciel reflectors. From now on, the back of the reflector is dressed with a coloured finishing piece. From today, all reflectors for windows, balconies, walls, gardens and terraces can be delivered with the colourful cladding of your choice.


You can personalise your light reflector with a cover in the colour of your choice:


Small precision: the name of the colours according to the seasons was chosen thanks to your comments on our Facebook page. The Espaciel adventure is built thanks to you, and with you. Thanks to all of you!





Its advantages

√  Elegant
√ Integrated into your layout
√ Choice of colours

Discover the presentation page of the Espaciel dressing. And to order your light reflector, go to our website See you soon for new lighting adventures.



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