Health benefits of natural light

Natural light has an unsuspected influence on our body. In order to take the measure of the health benefits of natural light, I propose to review them. From its most obvious effects to its lesser known medical implications, here is a brief overview of the health benefits of natural light.

Natural light, a precious asset

Our grandfathers were mostly farmers. They worked in the fields all day and lived most of the time outside. Today we spend 90% of our time indoors. Whether we are in an office, a factory or a school, our modern lives depend on windows to enjoy the health benefits of natural light. Given the low proportion of windows in buildings, we understand that natural light is a precious commodity.

Field of View

Windows are not only a source of natural light, they are also the only viewpoint on the outside environment. When looking out of the windows, one looks into the distance. This corresponds to the resting position of the eye. The simple fact of looking out of the window relaxes and rests us. For those of us with a closed lifestyle, the presence of natural light is associated with the ability to rest our eyes through the means of natural lighting that are the windows and the field of vision that they provide.

a woman illuminated by the sun is looking through the window
Windows are the source of natural light in our homes. They also ensure our contact with the outside world. They offer a deep field of vision, essential to rest our eyes and nourish our gaze with the health benefits of natural light – Tatiana Djakova’s photocaption>

Biological rhythm

The health benefits of natural light are sometimes indirect. For example, windows don’t just provide natural light. The view of the outdoors that they provide connects us with nature. The simple changes in brightness and color of ambient light inform us of the natural cycle of the day and the seasons. Our biological clock is based on this natural rhythm. It synchronizes with it thanks to neurotransmitters stored in our brain. When our eyes are exposed to the sun, we secrete serotonin which stimulates us. When the light decreases, we produce melanin which puts us to sleep. The quality of our sleep at night, our ability to concentrate during the day and our energy level depend on our biological clock. It depends on our connection with the natural rhythm of the elements and in particular natural light.

someone touching the leaves of a tree under the sun
Natural light and its fluctuations in intensity and color set the tempo of our internal clock, one of the many health benefits of natural light – Marta Wave’s photo

Strengthen bones

Exposure to natural light allows the body to synthesize vitamin D. This is part of the health benefits of natural light. Vitamin D allows the fixation of calcium necessary for the development of the skeleton. This hormone is essential for the growth of the child.

Factor of immunity

Vitamin D is involved in many other essential levels such as cell partition. It is also a key element of the immune system. It modulates the activity of macrophages which are responsible for eliminating bacteria and viruses in our body. Exposure to natural light is a factor of immunity.

sunray going through clouds in the sky
Natural light has two components, the brightness of the sky and the rays of the sun – Pashant Gautam’s photo

Given the many health benefits of natural light, seeking contact with natural light can only be encouraged, especially in autumn and winter when it is scarcer and less intense. Espaciel reflectors are a clever way to increase its presence in the home all day long, whatever the weather. The light reflectors reflect the luminosity of the sky. In some applications, they can also reflect the sun’s rays. Sky light and sunlight are the two components of natural light.

Demonstration of an Espaciel reflector
How to take advantage of the health benefits of natural light? It is not always possible to change your home to gain natural light. The light reflector is an accessible solution that requires no work – Espaciel photo

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