Organic clock and natural light, the keys to our well being

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Natural light at the heart of our biological clock

Every living being has a biological clock that regulates the periods of wakefulness and sleep on a rhythm of about twenty-four hours, corresponding to the alternation day/night. This rhythm is commonly known as the circadian cycle. We thus find an important link between the regulation of the biological clock and natural light.

The functioning of the biological clock

In order to function properly, our biological clock needs sufficient rest time and to be regenerated by natural daylight, because this famous biological clock is found in our brain, in the hypothalamus and is also located in the path of the optic nerve, thus permanently connecting our biological clock to natural light and outside.

a tiny alarm clock
Your body clock needs light by Lukas Blazer

The causes of the disturbance of our biological clock

The shortening of the days in autumn and especially in winter, as well as frequent exposure to artificial light, tend to disrupt our biological clock by depriving it of natural light. Jet lag or working at night are also important factors in the desynchronization of the biological clock, which can have serious repercussions on our health, particularly on blood pressure and heart rate.

How to act against the disturbance of our biological clock via natural light?

The biological clock depends on various factors that act as synchronizers, such as natural light, temperature or physical activity and meals. The most important factor in the synchronization of our biological clock is natural light.

Synonymous with “day” for the body, natural light triggers the secretion of melatonin, one of the main sleep hormones. It is this hormone, and therefore natural light, that will allow you to synchronize your circadian cycle.

a happy couple illuminated by daylight
Wellness with a synchronized internal clock

What solutions in practice ?

As explained previously, the lack of natural light is at the heart of the disturbance of the biological clock. This is why a gentle therapy has been developed to respond to some people’s lack of exposure to natural light: light therapy. Thus, by bringing natural light to our body clock, we can restore balance in our lives. However, other solutions exist. Espaciel offers you an innovative solution to bring natural light into your interior. The Espaciel Natural Light Reflectors allow you to gain in duration of exposure to natural light, thus allowing you to promote the synchronization of your biological clock thanks to natural light.

an espaciel reflector installed on a balcony
The Espaciel Reflectors, a solution to resynchronize your biological clock

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