Internal clock and natural light are intimately linked

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Our internal clock needs natural light

In the winter period, it is very common to see the lack of natural light disrupt its internal clock. What are the solutions to deal with this disturbance that causes fatigue, irritation or depression? The most effective solution is to expose yourself to more natural light.

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By Brad Neathery

Risk of the internal clock malfunctioning

Our internal clock is responsible for an electrical activity operating in cycles from 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm: the famous circadian rhythm. The day/night alternation has an impact on the exposure to natural light and therefore on our internal clock. The internal clock then regulates many internal functions such as blood pressure, temperature, mood or more generally intellectual capacities.This is why its disruption entails risks for our health. It is therefore necessary to ensure its proper functioning by making sure that the supply of natural light is sufficient for our internal clock.

What are the sources of the internal clock malfunction?

To prevent our internal clock from being out of sync, it is important to identify the sources of desynchronization of our internal clock. The most common are lack of exposure to natural light, jet lag, night work or shift work. This is a very clear expression of the link between natural light and internal clock. To these different sources of disturbance, we also add aging, as well as the use of screens or exposure to artificial light at night. This desynchronization has harmful effects on our health but also on our behavior.

Internal clock and the benefits of natural light

Solutions therefore exist to re-synchronize our internal clock thanks to natural light. But what to do when our home is dimly lit or when the outside light is low? Espaciel offers you its Natural Light Reflectors that allow you to increase the luminosity of your home naturally, whether it’s good weather or even grey weather, as in winter.

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Espaciel Reflectors, the natural light solution to synchronize your internal clock

If natural light is not enough to resynchronize your internal clock, a gentle therapy has been developed to help people in this kind of situation: Luminotherapy.

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