Light therapy or how to take advantage of the benefits of natural light

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What is light therapy?

Light therapy is a gentle therapy. It imitates natural light as closely as possible by using lamps specific to this therapy.

It is a therapy that has been developed to address the problem of desynchronization of the internal clock or biological clock. This desynchronization of our clock often leads to the appearance of a feeling of tiredness, discontent or dissatisfaction or even depression, due to a lack of natural light.
By reproducing daylight, light therapy allows us to resynchronize our internal clock. In fact, natural light is the main solution for re-synchronizing the circadian cycle.

a young resting using natural light
Light therapy, a gentle therapy

Why use light therapy?

For people working at night or suffering from jet lag, problems due to the disturbance of the biological clock may occur. These special cases cannot be solved by increasing exposure to natural light. This is why the use of light therapy is recommended in these situations, as in some cases, exposure to natural light is insufficient or impractical. In some cases, exposure to natural light is insufficient or impractical, so light therapy has been implemented to resynchronize the internal clock as efficiently as possible despite the lack of natural light. This problem of desynchronization can also appear as autumn approaches and spring returns, when the days get shorter and the luminosity decreases.

blue sky illuminated by the sun
Natural light in good weather

What other solutions?

In most cases of disturbance of our biological clock, a simple increase in exposure to natural light may suffice.

This is why Espaciel offers you the ideal solution. The Espaciel Reflectors allow you to significantly increase the natural light in your interior. It offers you a longer and more important exposure to natural light on a daily basis, allowing you to synchronize your internal clock effortlessly and enjoy a brighter interior!

an espaciel reflector installed in a garden
Espaciel Reflectors to bring natural light into your home

Light therapy is carried out using light therapy lamps that reproduce natural light as faithfully as possible, and there is a wide range of them. Light therapy can also help in the treatment of various health problems such as sleep disorders or depression.

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