The benefits of natural light

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Natural light and well-being are deeply linked to each other. A brighter home, a naturally lit office, bright days are simple things that make you feel good. The benefits of natural light are many, but what exactly are they?

First of all, natural light promotes the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. It also helps synchronize our internal clock that regulates our circadian cycle. This same cycle on which many internal functions depend.

In addition to the list of benefits of natural light, there are also the consequences of exposure to natural light. Exposure to natural light also promotes the secretion of melatonin, which allows you to have a regular and restful sleep. In short, natural light is essential to our well-being.

A young woman sitting in front of her window, enjoying the natural light
Well-being through natural light

Natural light and internal clock are intimately linked

Our internal clock depends on natural light to synchronize. This allows all the internal functions of our body to function properly. A well-tuned internal clock promotes a sense of well-being and happiness.

Light therapy or how to take advantage of the benefits of natural light

Light therapy is a gentle therapy that mimics natural light. It was developed to treat disorders of our body due to a lack of natural light. It is a method that aims to reproduce the benefits of natural light on our body.

Organic clock and natural light, the keys to our well being

Natural light and our biological clock are two essential factors for human well-being. The biological clock requires a synchronization that natural light provides efficiently. Thus combined, natural light and the biological clock can cure physical disorders and promote our well-being.

Natural light and our internal clock work together to keep our bodies functioning. The synchronization of our biological clock by natural light is essential to our well-being. But when exposure to natural light is not possible, light therapy can meet this need to synchronize our internal clock.

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