Consequences of the lack of natural light on health

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Natural light plays an important role on our body and mind.

A young woman enjoying the warmth of the sun through her window
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During certain periods of the year, it is possible that its absence leads to some inconveniences on our well being or our tonus. There are however simple and natural solutions to avoid them.


Feeling of cold: Consequence of the lack of natural light

Light is visible and our body knows it! No more light on the horizon and the chills are felt. The feeling of cold is one of the consequences of the lack of natural light.


Natural light to fight against seasonal depression

In winter, the sun is not wanted and our spirit suffers. We go to work in the dark and we come back in the dark. Natural light is a solution against seasonal depression.


The winter blues

Less sun, more rain. It seems that in winter, everything is done to give us the blues. The winter blues, that feeling that everything is grey and sad. However, a few simple tricks can remedy this.


Natural light to fight the lack of energy

Who hasn’t felt a flagrant lack of energy in winter? Not wanting to get up and stay all day under the comforter in the warmth is something that has happened to everyone.


How to sell a dark house

The brightness of a property and particularly that of a house has an important impact in the sale whether it is on the price or the difficulty to read sell. A house that is too dark will be more difficult to sell than a bright house.


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