Espaciel, a pioneer in natural lighting without work

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With industrialization and new digital tools, many businesses are growing every day around the world. However, with the increase in the number of companies, the industrial sector has become the main factor of global warming.

Thus, for new companies and especially for French companies, there are new challenges to face. On the one hand, they must remain competitive on an international scale and on the other hand, companies must think about how to reduce their impact on our environment.

Espaciel, an innovative company made in France

Our company is a pioneer in the field of natural light and offers you an innovative product made in France. Thus, the Espaciel light reflector combines the ingenuity of an innovative product and the quality of a patented product of French origin.

Espaciel, a committed French start-up

In order to take part in the collective effort necessary for the well-being of the environment, companies can follow the different principles of sustainable development. Thus, Espaciel is a local eco-responsible company that is committed to the environment and social integration.

Where to find the Espaciel team ?

Espaciel is not only a dynamic company from Lille, it is also a team of men and women whose objective is to transform a brilliant idea into natural light.

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