My room is dark, how can I brighten it up?

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How to make my dark room light up?

A room is dark in many ways, whether it is due to the paint, the furniture, the layout or the lack of opening. Discover room by room the solutions to bring to gain in natural light, daily.


A nice living room with natural light
How to brighten up my dark room? – Photo by Victor Zastol’skiy

My kitchen is dark

Natural light in a kitchen is often put aside because it is not prioritized in a home. The kitchen benefits from natural light thanks to its opening into the living room in the case of an open kitchen. But the closed kitchen is often a narrow room with a small opening, making this dark kitchen.

My bedroom is dark

A bedroom is a place of rest for many, and so natural light’s primary role is to wake up in the early morning. However, for any activity in the dark bedroom, artificial light is required, which causes migraines, eye pain.

My living room is dark

The exposure of your living room and its opening(s) are the key elements for access to natural light, but that’s not all. The sun’s rays, the daylight can be blocked by an overloaded interior decoration or dark colors. With this in mind, your dark living room, made for relaxing, having a good time, with friends, family, is not as bright as it could be.

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