How do you get the sun into your home when you live on the ground floor?

Annie and Michel live in Tourcoing, in a contemporary residence in the city centre. Both retired, they have chosen to live on the ground floor. The access from the ground floor is very practical. The immediate proximity of the residence’s wooded garden is very pleasant. Despite a beautiful southern exposure, the presence of a balcony on the first floor, just above the living room bay window, hides the sun. The large trees that surround the residence make its charm, but they also hide the sun.

Discover how Annie and Michel managed to bring the sun into their home with the Garden Reflector.

facade résidentielle de Michel et Annie à tourcoing
Annie and Michel’s residence in Tourcoing
  • Owners : Annie and Michel
  • Type of accommodation : Apartment on the ground floor
  • City : Tourcoing (North)
  • Opening : French window opening onto the terrace
  • Rooms : Living room and kitchen
  • Model Espaciel installed : Garden Reflector


Annie and Michel’s apartment has a large living space that includes the living room and kitchen. Even when the weather is nice and the sun is shining outside, the trees and the balcony above block the entrance of light on the ground floor. You have to wait until summer when the sun is really high for its rays to enter Annie and Michel’s home. An unpleasant situation that lasted as long as there was no satisfactory solution.

None of the following solutions suited Annie and Michel :

  • Shorten the hundred-year-old trees bordering the plot. This radical approach would take the charm out of the residence’s garden. Moreover, it would not change anything about the balcony above.
  • Making greater use of electric lighting to light up the living room, even in broad daylight and in good weather. This is exactly what Annie and Michel want to avoid.
réflecteur jardin sur la terrasse en rez-de-chaussée pour apporter de la lumière naturelle
Photo of the Garden Reflector on Annie and Michel’s private terrace

Michel finally discovers Espaciel in a press article. He inquires on the internet. The Light Reflector seems to him to be an efficient solution to meet his needs and easy to install. He orders a Garden Reflector from the Espaciel online shop.


As soon as the package is received, Annie installs her Garden Reflector. Annie and Michel immediately discover a considerable gain in clarity at home. They are particularly satisfied with the effect of the Espaciel Reflector on sunny days on their ground floor.

Annie qui oriente le réflecteur jardin vers son rez-de-chaussée pour apporter de la lumière naturelle dans son séjour et au fond de sa cuisine
Photo of Annie pointing the Garden Reflector towards the living room patio door

From the terrace where it is placed, the Garden Reflector reflects the sun’s rays and redirects them towards the ceiling of the living room. By reverberating on the white paint on the walls and ceiling, this solar contribution illuminates the whole living room and kitchen with natural light.

fonctionnement du réflecteur jardin il permet de capter la lumière du ciel et les rayons du soleil pour les rediriger dans son intérieur
Diagram of how the Garden Reflector works


le rez-de-chaussée de michel est ensoleillé et baigner de lumière avec le réflecteur jardin
Photo of the effect, without with the Espaciel Reflector from Annie and Michel’s living room

Today, Annie and Michel are thrilled. They no longer need to turn on the electric light all the time to read the newspaper or to cook. The Espaciel Reflector gives them a lot of clarity and contributes to their well-being.

“I recommend the Espaciel Reflector for anyone who lacks natural light in their home. “


A balcony overlooking the French window of a living room, trees that form a mask of vegetation in front of a bay window are very common situations. If, like Annie and Michel, you too lack sunshine in your home, call Espaciel !

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