Dark balcony: How to light your home on the second floor?

Isabelle and Thierry live in Dijon. For a few years, they have owned a spacious apartment on the second floor. However, this apartment has a dark balcony.

This darkens the apartment. Isabelle and Thierry then realize that this phenomenon of dark balcony is due to the cap effect of the balcony above.

In this article, discover their testimony as well as the original solution that they set up.

Project sheet :

  • Owner: Isabelle and Thierry
  • Type of accommodation: Apartment on the 1st floor
  • City: Dijon in France
  • Openings : Glass door
  • Rooms to light: Living room and kitchen
  • Installed Espaciel model: Solar Balcony Reflector

Context of the situation

The problem of Isabelle and Thierry is to bring natural light in their apartment. A dark balcony restricts the entry of light in the kitchen and in the living room.

These are very important rooms where they live most of the time they spend at home.

Hence their desire to improve the situation.

a building with apartments with balconies typical of metropolises
The typical configuration of the cap balcony in the metropolis – Pexels photo

Search for a natural solution

Isabelle and Thierry were not aware that the balcony in front of their bay window and patio door could become a source of natural light with the help of daylight reflectors.

After much research, they finally discovered Espaciel on the Internet.

They chose the balcony reflector which is totally adapted to their expectations. This product simply hangs on the balcony railing, like a balcony rail.

Its reflective surface is slightly offset towards the outside to welcome the available natural light and send it into the interior of the apartment.

Diagram of the balcony reflector
Operating diagram of the Solar Balcony Reflector – Espaciel diagram

Results obtained

Just received, the balcony reflector was received and installed in a few minutes.

The couple is delighted with the result. The installation was quick and easy with the instructions available and the installation video on the Espaciel website.

“Our interior is much clearer and brighter.”
Espaciel reflector installed on the balcony
Installation of the Solar Balcony Reflector on the railing – Isabelle and Thierry’s photo

It is not necessary any more for Isabelle and Thierry to light the various lamps to carry out their usual activities. They can now read and take advantage fully of their living room at any hour of the day.

Energy and electricity savings!

This gain in natural light autonomy (the extra time without turning on the light) translates into small daily energy savings.

Put end to end over a long period it represents something. The apartment of Isabelle and Thierry belongs to a co-ownership which benefits from a park. The building is pleasant and well kept.

They wanted the addition of the Reflector to respect this harmony in the residence and its environment. The aesthetic integration of the Reflector, designed by the Fritsch and Durisotti design firm, is a plus.

“The Reflector is discreetly hung on the balcony.”
Effect of the Balcony Reflector
Effect in natural light of the Balcony Reflector – Isabelle and Thierry’s photo

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