Earth Day – Espaciel Shares its GreenTech Hall of Fame

Earth Day: who are these gods, demigods and heroes who want to save the planet? To save our ecosystem, we must fight against supernatural forces. We must challenge monstrous characters such as the current American president, Donald Trump, who stubbornly refuses to sign the Paris climate agreement.


The weight of habits and our addiction to petroleum products are such that the challenges can seem superhuman. Thus, in this struggle, everyone can be an angel or a demon or both at the same time. Yet there are characters who throw themselves into the battle to save our planet. Who are these new mythical figures who challenge the monsters of politics and the giants of pollution? Espaciel has made for you a selection of confirmed deities and young heroes.


Espaciel builds its sustainable development pantheon


1. Elon Musk – Colonizing the Solar System to Save Humanity

Since the Iliad (Homer’s, not Xavier Niel’s group), water has been flowing under the bridge… Silicon Valley has replaced Olympus and is now home to the major demiurges. Among them, there is one who wants to save humanity by sending it to Mars. Radical is Elon Musk. A South African who fled the civil war at the end of apartheid. In the United States, he created the PayPal company and sold it to Ebay before launching into Herculean projects: Solar City, Tesla and SpaceX.

Solar City is the leader in the installation of solar panels in the USA. Tesla is a pioneer of the electric car in the world. SpaceX makes the space adventure half as expensive and aims to colonize Mars… during the lifetime of its founder. Elon Musk is a protean entrepreneur with unlimited powers.


Elon Musk, Silicon Valley star entrepreneur


2. Bertrand Piccard – Flying perpetually thanks to the energy of the sun

Since his fatal fall, Icarus has been very angry with Helios, the sun god. Bertrand Piccard could well reconcile them thanks to Solar Impulse. This solar airplane that he and André Borschberg imagined can fly forever. The batteries are recharged and discharged through day/night cycles. The only limit is the pilot’s fatigue. Bertrand Piccard belongs to a long line of scientific explorers. His grandfather Auguste inspired Professor Tournesol to draw Hergé. Bertrand Piccard’s journey is a veritable odyssey. Solar Impulse is its zenith. The project continues to inspire humanity to make the energy transition.


Bertrand Picard, and his co-pilot, in front of the Solar Impulse plane.


3. Béa Johnson – Consume without creating waste, none.

The financial crisis of 2008 is a cataclysm of modern times. It was at this time that Bea Johnson and her family had to leave their villa to settle in a small apartment near San Francisco. From this ordeal comes an awareness and the invention of a new way of life. Zero waste, Bea Johnson’s book is a “best seller” that influences millions of people around the world to reduce their household waste. A frugal innovation within the reach of the vulgus pecum.

Bea Johnson at a TEDx conference on her waste-free journey


4. Marc Vergnet – Domesticate water and wind for the countries of the South

An agronomist and member of the rural, water and forestry engineering corps, Marc Vergnet began his career as a senior French civil servant. On a development mission in Africa, he imagined a new type of pump for wells. His invention gives access to water to millions of people. He then incorporated as a company. New challenge, he wants to tame the wind. In tropical zones, wind turbines can be destroyed by cyclones. This brilliant inventor then imagines the possibility of laying wind turbines on the ground to protect them and put them back into service immediately after climatic events. Zeus has only to behave himself and even his worst angers do not prevent the habitats of isolated islands from quickly regaining electrical energy.


Marc Vergnet, founder of Vergnet Wind Turbines


5. Alain Thébault – Flying boats to relieve city congestion

Alain Thébault is a freedom-loving adventurer. Put to the test of a difficult childhood, he is gifted with an extraordinary strength of character. His meeting with Eric Tabarly launched the adventure of his life: flying boats. Eole and Poseidon are still in awe.With l’Hydroptère, Alain Thébault broke the world sailing speed record. After his crossing of the Pacific, his daughters ask him to serve the city. To relieve congestion in the city centres, he creates the Seabubbles, taxi boats that fly over the water. Electric, they are recharged by solar-powered pontoons. They soon arrived in Paris, Geneva, San Francisco and Dubai.

Alain Thébault, during one of his crossings


6. Mélanie Laurent – Popularizing Existing Solutions to Save the Planet

Here is Mélanie Laurent, a very great actress, covered with prestigious awards including the César for the best female hopeful in 2007. She has plenty of hope. At the birth of her son, she imagines the world in which her child will live as an adult. From there, an exceptional collaboration with the journalist Cyril Dion begins. During the making of the documentary Demain, they put forward existing solutions to preserve the planet in cities, in agriculture, in factories, in energy… The film receives the César for best documentary in 2016. Mélanie Laurent wants to do good and she does it well, according to her “humanity has not said its last word”… So, when is the next César?


Mélanie Laurent, receiving the César for Best Documentary for the movie “Demain”, co-directed with Cyril Dion


About Espaciel – Who are we? How do these figures of sustainable development inspire us?

Espaciel is the pioneer of the light reflector for the habitat. First of all, created in Lille in 2013 Espaciel pursues an ambition: to make natural light accessible to all!

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Here are the sustainable development figures presented in this article that motivate us but also fascinate us. Their strength of imagination, courage and perseverance show that success comes through a succession of tests that must be overcome. This is where the determination of the women and men who make up the Espaciel team comes into play. The unfailing support of employees, relatives, friends, associates and clients is the essential condition for the success of the adventure. Each at his or her own level contributes to this, like the divinities in our sustainable development pantheon.

And to go further, here are in video all the Espaciel news on our Youtube channel.

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