Espaciel celebrates 5 years of natural light for everyone!

From the creation to the 4000th reflector sold, the first 5 years of the company as seen by its Founder.


An idea to share

It’s Espaciel’s birthday. Here’s the beginning: in 2006, when I made the first window light reflector in my kitchen, I didn’t think of starting a business. I just wanted more natural light in my dark home. It was the feedback from friends and family that made me see the potential of this idea. In 2011, I joined the TONIC incubator in Lille to develop the concept and prepare the creation of the company.

At the same time, I piloted the renovation of a small building in Brussels which was used as an application field for research & development work, 20 Espaciel models and prototypes are installed there.


Artist’s view of the first light reflector concept

The creation of the company

In February 2013, I created Espaciel at the Ruche d’entreprises in Lille. The Lille region is a unique place in France for creation. Entrepreneurs are well regarded here, and we are ready to trust them. The networks of entrepreneurs are numerous and their access is based on merit. LMI-Innovation, Réseau-Entreprendre, BPI-France organize every year promotions of the laureates they support. Investors from the region, such as Finorpa and Noria, also operate through selective competitions. Espaciel is fortunate to benefit from their support as well as that of Pertinence Invest and Business Angels. Without our partners, nothing would have been possible.


The Réseau Entreprendre promotion, of which Espaciel is a part

The first 5 years

To undertake, you need to be well surrounded, the team plays a key role. One month after the creation, Jérémie Marti joined me in the adventure. An A&M engineer like me, he trained in communications at ESCP. Our pair immediately worked well together, the product and the management of the company for me. Sales launch and marketing for him. Jérémie became a partner in 2015.

Sales didn’t start right away. The approach of construction professionals was not a good launch pad. It was the creation of an online store dedicated to individuals at the end of 2014 and the complete redesign of the product with designers Fritsch and Durisotti that made it possible to launch the activity. Since then, sales have been accelerating, with 2,000 units sold in 2017.


Alexi and Jérémie, operating partners

A range of products

Since the first prototype, the product range has expanded considerably. The starting point was the windows. Then we came up with a solution for balconies. As customer demand for patio doors was high, the terrace reflector and the garden reflector made their appearance. Recently we have put online a reflector for office spaces and another one to light up patios. The Espaciel reflector range currently includes 8 different models, all available on the online store.


The Espaciel reflector range

Developing the company

In addition to the online shop, the Espaciel reflector is now available in DIY stores: BHV (Marais), Leroy Merlin (Daumesnil and Ivry), Espace Emeraude (Brest) and Do-it&Garden (Geneva). This is an important area of development for the future. This wider distribution of the window reflector will make it possible to reach people who need it and to whom this product can be of great service. In my opinion, the driving force behind Espaciel’s development must remain the desire to be of service.

This is a core value of the company. I think it’s also the reason why almost 100 of our clients and friends have joined the adventure by participating in its financing. The Espaciel Heroes will join us at the end of 2017.

The Espaciel team, its 5 employees, its partners and its first customers share a common ambition for the future development of the company: To make natural light accessible to all!

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