Fall 2018 – A high-profile season for Espaciel – Videos and Articles

In October, the Espaciel Light Reflector was in the spotlight of several media in France. Here is a summary of the main media coverage:


Alexi Hervé, founder of Espaciel was interviewed by journalist Raphaëlle Duchemin in the column “La France bouge” to present Espaciel, the Reflector of Light but also to talk about the company’s history and recent fundraising.


With the time change, the lack of light can be more depressing than ever. The Light Reflector is one of the solutions adopted by Le Figaro to improve the brightness and well-being of your home.



Coralie Dioum, LCI journalist presents the Espaciel Reflector in the column “Ça vous tente ?” (Does it tempt you?) She explains the luminous idea of Espaciel, a Light Reflector that allows you to bring light naturally into your home without any work.

“It gives 50% natural light in your apartment, that’s pretty amazing!”


The media specialized in innovation and creative ideas has just published a video on Espaciel with never-before-seen images… It shows the Window Reflector, the Balcony Reflector and the Garden Reflector. Already more than 200,000 views on Facebook!

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