French window: more luminosity with the Garden reflector – Testimony of Martin in Brussels

Martin lives in a sunny apartment in Brussels, Belgium. His living room is south-facing but this room is very deep. Martin wanted even more natural light in his interior. Find out how the new garden reflector installed in front of his French window brought him even more light!

Background to Martin’s situation

Can you show us your home?

I live in a quiet area of Brussels, very close to the European institutions. I moved into this apartment in 2014. It’s been a real stroke of genius! Located on the top floor, it is well appointed and the living rooms are south-facing. My living room opens onto a fairly large sunny terrace surrounded by greenery via my French window, it’s very pleasant to enjoy it in the summer. However, my living room is 7m long and the back of the room never catches the natural light … So I wanted to solve this problem since I often work from home and my eyes get tired quickly with the artificial light constantly on.


How did you find out about Espaciel?

By any chance! I was going to dinner at a friend’s house and on their windowsills were window reflectors. Since they live in a north-facing apartment, they wanted more light in their home (read another client testimonial in a north-facing configuration). Interested, they explained to me how the Espaciel reflector worked and how it increased the natural light in their home, even without sun outside. The next day, I went to the Espaciel website to discover their products.

How easy is it to find the right reflector?

Yes, I used the Espaciel online configurator to find out which reflector best suited my home and my opening: a patio door. This questionnaire is quick as it only contains about ten questions. You get a personalized answer directly at the end.

For me, the answer was clear: with a French window like mine, which opens out onto the terrace, it was the garden reflector that I needed.



Control and installation of the Garden reflector

Which reflector did you choose?

I opted for a 100 x 50 cm garden reflector. I installed it at +/- 1m from the French window. Indeed, I wanted to be able to walk easily on my terrace without the reflector being in the way. The reflector is easy to move and does not take up much space. When I need to clean my terrace or when I’m having dinner with friends, I can move it to a corner easily.

I wanted to significantly increase the brightness in the back of my living room. The reflector was very easy to install, no tools were even needed! On top of that, it’s easy to move around.

What are the advantages of the new garden reflector?

The new garden reflector, like its predecessor, provides a large reflective surface. It is ideal for a French window or bay window.

What changes is the foot and the design of the reflector. This model is more modern, more practical and its foot is available in two colours: grey or light green. For my part, I opted for light green because my balcony is surrounded by plants. The foot blends in very well with the decor! The advantages of this new reflector are :

√ Easily swivelling and tilting

√ Ideal for a patio door or bay window

√ Height-adjustable

√ Choice of grey or green foot.



The result of the Garden reflector

Are you satisfied with the effect of the garden reflector in your home?

Exactly! My living room is brighter, which is much nicer than before. I saw a difference immediately. My living room is brighter every day and that has a positive effect on my morale. When it rains, I see a gain in brightness in the room, as if I lived one floor higher, or the paintings on my walls were brighter. And when the sun comes in, its rays enter the room on the ceiling, the effect is impressive!


You don’t have to turn on the light anymore. And I can easily turn it so I can have the sun at home for several hours. With this purchase, I feel well equipped to face the winter period and to work at home in greater comfort.



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