How can better lighting speed up the sale of an apartment? – Testimony of Patricia in Paris

Selling an apartment or house is an important step you need to take seriously. It is crucial to put the odds on your side and to fix all the elements that can make it lose value, as a lack of brightness for example. Here, Patricia, an Espaciel customer, managed to sell her apartment within a week… simply by installing a light reflector on his garden floor.

Background on Patricia’s situation

The situation of the property for sale

My husband and I owned an apartment in the Paris region that we wanted to put up for sale. It is located on the garden level, it was an essential criterion for us. We had left a house for this apartment and as we have a dog it was essential to have direct access to the garden. It’s the living room part which gives onto the outside thanks to a bay window. In spite of this large opening, the room is dark.


We live in a small 3-storey condominium: above our terrace, there are balconies that dim the outside light. In addition, we are north-facing… we get some sun in the morning, and that’s it. We really didn’t see how we could bring more natural light inside.

Lack of brightness

We were aware of the lack of light in the living room. The apartment hadn’t been for sale for a long time but we had had 4 visits beforehand where people pointed out that the room was very dark. We realized that if we couldn’t sell it, we should have lowered its price and would have been below the market price… but thanks to Espaciel this was not the case!

Control and installation of the Espaciel light reflector

The Espaciel discovery

Our son (who is much younger than us!) advised us to have mirrors in the house. I wanted to see how people did it on the Internet and that’s when I found the Espaciel site. I found the concept nice, however I was not totally convinced… I wanted to test to say that I put all the chances on my side in the sale of my apartment and not to have any regrets.



Choice and installation of the light reflector

My bay window is 1m60 wide and is made up of two panes of glass. I chose to order a garden reflector 80cm x 50cm. At 80cm long, the reflector completely covers one of the two panes of glass in the patio door, and the 50cm width (maximum width proposed) maximises the effect as it is proportional to the surface area.

It is a product that is perfectly suited for situations with a bay window overlooking a garden or terrace. It was also very nice to be able to be reassured and advised, even on a Sunday, when making a purchase of around €300.00. For customer support and advice I say bravo!

The delivery was made within the announced deadlines. For the installation part, it’s super easy, we simply followed the instructions and the reflector was mounted!


The result of the Espaciel light reflectors

It changes your life, when you have a ray of sunshine the living room is bright, and as soon as there is a little light in the garden, you can see an improvement. I’m even convinced that it plays on our morale! The living room is now warmer. We have been living in this apartment for 2 years, I regret not having bought it earlier… I would have liked to enjoy this extra light too!


As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of buying one for our new house by the sea. I am 100% satisfied with the product and the reactivity of the Espaciel team.

Any last words?

To be completely honest, I was dubious about the efficiency of the reflector and in the end I was bluffed!

I thought we could do whatever we wanted with the photos with Photoshop but now I know they’re not retouched! The objective was achieved since in the week after the installation of the reflector we had 3 visits including 2 proposals. I sold it right after, in 1 week!

The reflector is visible but no one has commented on it. It fits rather well in the garden.

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