How to gain more light in a room with the window reflector? Example in the office of Montiel-Laborde, chartered accountant and auditor

Natural light plays an essential role in the quality of life at work. A parameter that the Montiel-Laborde firm has well integrated during the renovation of its premises. Discover how the Window Reflector allows to gain more light in a room of the office dedicated to the common life of the team.

Project sheet :

  • Project : Lighting of the living room of an accounting office
  • City : Paris
  • Client : Montiel-Laborde accounting firm, auditor
  • Interior designer : Design Singulier – Nadège Reynès
  • Espaciel model installed : Window reflector


Located in the center of Paris, close to the Gare Saint-Lazare, the Montiel-Laborde office is located in a beautiful Haussmannian building. For the office’s living room, several inspiring works of art were acquired by the firm. Nadège Reynès, interior designer, has created a sober and original setting for them. Its particularity, an incredible ceiling that seems to have the shape of sound waves. Despite all the care given to this privileged space, it lacked natural light.

The living room of the Montiel-Laborde office illuminated by an Espaciel Window Reflector – Photo Paul Kozlowski

Search for a solution

Located in the corner of the building’s inner courtyard and lit by a single window, the living room remained dark all day. Hence the idea to call on Espaciel and its famous daylight reflectors to gain more light in the room. The interior designer chose the Window Reflector. This model is fixed between the walls of the window with an extensible bar, adjustable in length.

The Espaciel reflector makes it possible to gain more light in a room without doing any work – Photo Paul Kozlowski


The window reflector is very discreetly integrated. Seen from the street and from the courtyard of the building, it is barely visible on the windowsill. On the other hand, its luminous effect in the living area of the office is clearly visible. This solution makes it possible to gain more clarity in a room which concentrates however several constraints in term of natural lighting.

The Before and After effect in natural light of the Espaciel Window Reflector – Photos Paul Kozlowski

Before the invention of the Window Reflector, gaining more light in a darkened room was no easy task. This device provides a real solution for those who value natural light and its many benefits, both at home and at work. Discover its light benefits in this video.

Jérémie presents the Espaciel reflector in the Montiel-Laborde office – Espaciel video

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