How to illuminate a north-facing Paris apartment ?

Cathy, a young executive living in Paris, managed to find an almost perfect apartment, the only disadvantage being that it is north-facing. In this article, find out how Cathy succeeded in bringing natural light into her interior…

appartement-sombre-exposé nord-manque-de-luminosité

Hello Cathy, so, talk to us about your apartment

I live in a ground floorapartment in Paris, and my windows overlook a small garden planted with evergreen trees that providepleasant greenery throughout the year.The only drawback is the lack of light due to the northern exposure, and the prominent electric lighting doesn’t really compensate for the lack of natural light in the living areas.

How did you discover the Light Reflector ?

Firstly I thought of using mirrors to increase the natural lightin my home, so I experimented with a simple bathroom mirror. I realised that it was possible to bring rays of sunlight in with a striking effect of light.. From this observation I thought that an innovative solutioncould exist to compensate for my lack of natural light. I did a search on the internet that led me to the Espaciel website.

Cathy’s apartment with the Espaciel Reflectors, a major gain in luminosity !

Which Espaciel Reflector did you choose for your apartment and why ?

On the Espaciel website, a tab takes you to a questionnaire entitled “Which light reflector to choose?” This questionnaire precisely identifies my needs and suggests the most suitable light reflector for my home. I chose the balcony reflector, which can be installed in a matter of minutes without tools, and I fitted it to the railing myself, following the instructions carefully. I no longer need artificial lighting. I enjoy natural daylight that illuminates the entire room beautifully


The Balcony Reflector fixed to the wrought iron railing

Would you recommend Espaciel Reflectors to friends and family ?

The Espaciel Reflector gives me total satisfaction. This natural light gives me a whole host of benefitsthat boost both my health and spirits. It’s a real discovery that I don’t hesitate to recommend to everyone around me.
My living room became so brightthat I decided to order another larger Espaciel Reflector for my second window !

Anything you’d like to add ?

I am genuinely delighted.Espacielhas made a huge changeto my home.

Are you an Espaciel customer? Why not share your experience!

If you have light reflectors fitted in your home and you too now benefit from incredible natural light that’s essential for your interior, making your rooms so much more bright and pleasant, send yourbefore and after photosand tell us about your experience with your light reflectors. Write to us at

Do you have a dark room and you’d like to increase its natural brightness? Simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide you with personalised advice. 🙂

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