How to naturally light a haussmann apartment in Paris ?

Espaciel continues its collaborations with influencers, today we will talk about Victoria, a Parisian blogger. 

Haussmannien Apartment in Paris – Photo Victoria Duclos 

Victoria, influencer in Paris

Victoria Duclos

Victoria is 27 years old, she has been living in the capital for 7 years with her lover and her big cat in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. 

On her Instagram account, Victoria shares photos  of her friends,  her meals, her decoration and more simply her daily life.  She got into the game  a while ago by following bloggers and now it has become a real passion for her. It was a hobby for Victoria but it finally made her want to work on these issues of community, virality and advertisers. It is now her job, she is a communication manager specialized in social media and she really likes what she does.

A haussmann-style apartment bathed in light with the space Reflector

Inside the Victoria Haussmann apartment – Photo of Victoria Duclos 

Victoria moved a few months ago with her friend to an apartment in the  center of Paris, in this Haussmann apartment, located on the 1st floor. During the visit, she had not realized the lack of light. Once bought, Victoria quickly realized that her living room was too dark. There’s only one window in this room. The northwest exposure still limits natural light. Victoria was complaining to her friend about this lack of light, so they did  some research to find a solution

Salon de Victoria – Photo de Victoria Duclos
Victoria’s living room – Photo of Victoria Duclos 

After adding mirrors in the room and avoiding too dark and massive decoration, Victoria discovered Espaciel by searching for solutions on the web. She arrived on the Espaciel website, and as an influencer,  she went to our blog. After seeing the testimonials of our customers, Victoria was amazed by the lighting in the interiors, which made her want to try it.

Explanatory diagram of the Balcony Reflector  

She opted for the Balcony Reflector, which is the most suitable for its  configuration (to be fixed on the balustrade in front of her window). .

« The Espaciel Reflector is quite aesthetic I think, it is visible from the living room but we really have no problem with that.»


Obtained Results

Before/after Victoria on her story Instagram

Victoria’s living room is brighter, the light easily enters the room. Victoria and her boyfriend no longer need permanent electrical lighting. This changes everything for her and her photos look better with natural light! 

« I recommend the Espaciel Reflector, the lack of light can become  a burden on morale, it remains for me the best price/result solution for this type of problem. »


Discover the Instagram of Victoria :

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