Opposite wall: How to lighten a dark room? – Testimony of José in Geneva

José A. and his family moved to Switzerland and live for two and a half years in an old farm redistributed into several apartments. (See another testimony of a former farm configuration with guest rooms here). Upon arrival, José tried to enlighten the entire house the best way he could. However, a part of his house was still dark… Discover which solutions he found to provide a maximum lighting to his home.

éclaircir une pièce sombre réflecteurs de lumière Espaciel, Genève, Suisse

Background to José’s situation

1- What kind of transformations have you done when you arrived in your new house?

I bought a ground floor apartment almost three years ago in Switzerland, in a town between the French border and Geneva. The apartment belongs to a renovated farmhouse which is divided into several homes. An old farmhouse means: large volumes, interesting for interior design, but also very thick walls, at least 50cm wide, which obstruct daylight…


2- What solutions had you considered ?

Once we moved in, I tried to bring as much natural light as possible in every room. I started cutting trees around that prevented light from reaching the interior of the rooms. I also removed the massive window screens that darkened the bedrooms. In the end, I managed to get more light in my home. However, the kitchen and the dining room were still very dark.

There are a window and a glass door, but these two adjoining rooms overlook a wall separated by a narrow lane. There is only 1m between my windows and the wall in front of them, which reduces greatly the brightness.



The Espaciel solution for José and his family

3- How did you find out about Espaciel?

I wanted to bring light into every room of the house and I was struggling to find a solution for my kitchen and dining room. It was in a magazine that I discovered Espaciel, the only possible solution that suited my situation. I then contacted Jeremie, an Espaciel advisor, and sent him pictures of my ground floor so that he could suggest a way to bring more light in.

4- How did the Espaciel solution adapt to your situation?

With the very narrow outside corridor, Jérémie advised me to install two reflectors one below the other on the thick wall opposite. This way, the light from the sky that comes down vertically arrives on the Espaciel reflectors and is redirected inside my house.


I then ordered four exterior wall reflectors, two for the window and two for the patio door. On top of that, Espaciel delivered me a kit so that the reflectors underneath were slightly more advanced compared to the ones above. This allows the surface of the lower reflector to be out of the shadow of the upper one.


Installation and integration of light reflectors

5- How was the installation of your Espaciel reflectors?

I installed the 4 reflectors myself in less than an hour, it must be said that the light reflector is easy to put in place. It’s a very easy to use and very light product! The service provided by the Espaciel team is also very appreciable.

6- Can you tell us about the integration of reflectors in your home and their effect?

The thick wall where I installed my light reflectors is grey and a bit sad… The reflectors dress this wall: you can see the sky reflected in it! You can only notice them by their effect and they are easy to maintain.

In spring and summer, the sun passes over my house, so the sun’s rays are directly redirected by my reflectors into the rooms on the ground floor.


In winter and autumn, the result is present but less obvious since the sun is lower and does not pass over the corridor, only daylight is reflected back inside. The result is different but still visible in winter.


Any last words?

I can now see shadows and light on the thick wall of my kitchen and dining room! It’s really more pleasant to live in a bright house.

éclaircir une pièce sombre réflecteurs de lumière Espaciel

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