Pre-order the Smart Reflector on Indiegogo

The Smart Reflector is live on Indiegogo. Pre-order now and get fantastic discounts on the first Espaciel product with solar tracking. Delivery in September 2021.

Help us meet this challenge!

Our mission is to make natural light accessible to everyone. To reach more people and introduce new users to the potential of daylighting through light redirection, we realized that we needed a Reflector that could track the sun’s movements.

Placed in the sun, the Intelligent Reflector illuminates your home all day long – Photo Espaciel

After months of engineering, prototyping, testing, and team design reviews, we are so ready that we can’t wait to take the final steps of the project. We are happy to share these special moments with you, our community. You launched our company by equipping yourself with Espaciel Reflectors or by taking part in its financing in Crowdfunding, you are at our sides for months or years. We are deeply grateful to you !

Smart Reflector schematic available for pre-sale now on Indiegogo – Espaciel schematic

We look forward to introducing you to the wonder of real time solar tracking. With your help, we will be able to purchase the motors, winches, electronic boards, housings, materials and workshop equipment needed to produce this new product. Show your support, choose a reward (perks) or simply make a donation (back-it). Help us make this project a reality. Thank you for your support!

Pre-order the Smart Reflector on Indiegogo >>

Join the Espaciel community

When you buy an Espaciel reflector, you join our family. The friends and customers who make up our community are among the most sensitive to natural light, ecology and well-being in respect of natural elements.

Some Espaciel Reflectors owners have also joined the company as associates via Espaciel Heroes or Sowefund. Our phones and mailboxes are filled with messages and photos from prospects and clients who ask us for advice on daylighting.

We share the most common answers on our Facebook and Youtube accounts as well as on our FAQ. Many of these requests are about the ability to reflect the sun’s rays throughout the day. They were our primary motivation for designing the Smart Reflector.

A light source that fits into your life

At Espaciel, our clientele is composed of all types of people who live very different lives. This is one of the beautiful things that makes our user community so diverse. We designed the Intelligent Reflector to fit into your lives and satisfy your need for natural light.

Opinion on the Intelligent Reflector – Photo Espaciel

Natural light lovers

You love natural light. For you, sunlight is synonymous with moments of well-being and happiness. Here is an effective way to bring them into your home.

Innovation lovers

You are the first to be equipped with a new technology. Innovation has no secret for you because you are the first follower and the most fervent promoter.

Greentech activists

You want tomorrow’s world to be one of renewal of our lifestyles. Green technologies are the spearhead of the ecological transition.

Astronomy fans

You perceive the mysteries of the celestial stars at night with your telescope. During the day, continue to scan the sky in automatic mode with the Intelligent Reflector. Its sunglass follows the sun’s movement to light your way through the day.

Builders and renovators

You integrate the sun into your designs to make them healthy and pleasant bioclimatic spaces. Here is a new product to complete your range of solutions.

Professionals of conviviality

You like your guests to stay and have a drink on the terrace of your café or restaurant. Here is the solution to extend this seasonal pleasure with additional sunlight.

Real estate actors

You make it easier to sell properties that were previously impossible to light naturally. Sunlight is no longer the final frontier of your commercial talent. It will now be an argument and a criterion of differentiation.

Artists and scientists

You play with light to practice your art. Have you thought about the sunlight to illuminate your creations?

Pre-order the Smart Reflector on Indiegogo >>

The Team

We have ambitious goals that require total concentration in our work. We are only 6 people to run the company. Our relationships are governed by trust and conviviality. At Espaciel, work is a celebration. We form a team united around a noble objective: to make light accessible to all !

Aline, Alexi, Thomas and Théau – Lighting consultants Espaciel

We would also like to thank a few team members who helped us design this pre-sales campaign on Indiegogo. Florent from Buzz Factory, Adrien and his team at OV Studio, Elsa our PR coach and Lucie from Crowdfunding Factory.

Our story

In 2006 Alexi Hervé, living in a dark apartment, was wondering how to bring the sunlight that passed through the street into his home. After several months of testing in his kitchen and numerous prototypes hanging in the windows of his house and those of his friends, he took the plunge and created Espaciel in 2013.

No doubt there are many more chapters waiting to be written – we are just getting started! Thank you all for being a part of our story.

The sun is a key element of our environment. Its presence in the habitat reconnects us with nature – Photo Robin Mathlener

Risks and challenges

This is our 4th crowdfunding campaign and the 9th Light Reflector we have developed. We know well the pitfalls of launching new products and crowdfunding. Nevertheless, manufacturing is sometimes unpredictable! Parts are delayed. New prices are applied without warning. Truckloads of parts are accidentally delivered to the founder’s old apartment (yes, this has happened to us).

The good news is that we’ve spent the last few years fine-tuning our manufacturing process, not only to control our costs, but also to improve the reliability, accountability and transparency of how we produce. We can’t guarantee that there won’t be any setbacks, but we feel we are better equipped than ever to deal with them.

The campaign has only been running for a few days, and many of you are already following us in this new adventure. So thank you!

Pre-order the Smart Reflector on Indiegogo >>

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