Which paint should you choose for a bright interior? Interview with Sonia, eco-advisor at Ecobati

Today, Espaciel is meeting Sonia, an eco-sales consultant at Ecobati Sprimont, near Liège in Belgium. Ecobati has several stores dedicated to construction and insulation materials. Since a couple months, these stores also offer the Espaciel light reflectors in addition to renovation projects. In this article, Sonia shares her professional advices to help you when choosing your paint.

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EcoBati, ecological building material stores

Espaciel : Hi Sonia, first of all can you introduce us Ecobati?

Sonia: Ecobati is a retail chain of green building materials, natural insulation and natural paints. Our stores are mainly located in Belgium (Liege, Brussels, Tournai…) as well as in Nice and Monaco. Here is the website: www.ecobati.be  and the list of the different stores.

Espaciel : What paint does Ecobati offer?

Sonia: Ecobati offers a wide selection of paints and coatings. All of them are only environmentally friendly and natural. These paintings integrate perfectly the ecological green trend of the moment and are just as efficient.

choisir peinture lumière ecobati espaciel


Espaciel : What are the most popular paintings in Ecobati?

Sonia: We have several types of paints with different specificities:

1) Clay based paint: This painting suits every wall, it captures the moisture excess and regulates its rates. It is mainly used for bedrooms, but it is suitable for any room of the house.

2) Dispersion Paint: Sometimes called ecological latex, it has similar qualities to an acrylic paint but it does not contain latex. It is a painting that covers very well the wall and let it breathe at the same time.

3) Velvety washable paint: This paint is a little bit more expensive, it is very convenient for the kitchen or for play rooms since it can be cleaned up easily in case of soiling.

We also have lime paints which can be used either outside or inside. They prevent from mould and are willing to be applied in humid places, such as bathrooms for example.

These paints from the brand Ultra Nature, available in Ecobati stores, have a matt finish.

choisir peinture lumière ecobati espaciel

The choice of ecological paints

Espaciel : What are the characteristics of a matt finish paint?

Sonia: Matt finish paints are very trendy these days. They are perfect to hide the support’s irregularities and imperfections, and they give a more sober look compared to shiny and satin paints.

Espaciel : What are the advantages of an ecological paint?

Sonia: These paints are good for the environment and for the occupants of the house. They are non- toxic, because composed of natural elements. Therefore, it limits the impact on the planet. The most significant advantage: they are odorless. Our customers often come back to tell us said that even during the application, no smell emerges! A real advantage over conventional paints.

Espaciel : What paint to choose when you want to enlighten your home?

Sonia: Obviously, it is better if you choose clear paints: white, beige… These colors facilitate the diffusion of the light and the room looks bigger. In addition to painting, I recommend the Espaciel light reflector to our customers who have dark rooms. We have this product in store since a few months. It is very efficient to increase the general brightness of a room: it redirects the daylight inside your room.

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The choice of walls to be painted

Espaciel : Which wall should you paint in color?

Sonia: If you want to add color to a room, my advice is to paint the opposite wall of the window. It is the wall that will less alter the brightness of the room. If you want to paint more than one wall, think of the harmonization of the room: do not paint two parallel walls but two walls that are following each other. It is more lively to have some color touches at home, however, don’t mix more than two or even three colors maximum in the same room.

Espaciel : What paint colors do you have in store?

Sonia: At Ecobati, we offer a personalized service concerning the choice of the paint tint. We have a color chart in stores, customers choose the color they want and we make the color with natural pigments directly in store thanks to our machine. Therefore customers have an endless choice of colors and can easily find what they want.

choisir peinture lumière ecobati espaciel


Espaciel : What kind of paint to choose for ceilings?

Sonia: The natural dispersion paint is very suitable for ceilings since it’s very covering. In addition, the matt finish paints, like this one, are perfect. Finally, I recommend to paint the ceiling in white: white enlarges and lights up a room.

Espaciel : How much does it cost to paint a 25/30 m² room?

Sonia: It takes more or less 5 or 6 liters of paint for one layer. Prices range between € 50.00 and € 70.00 including VAT for a 5L paint can.

Espaciel : How to associate the paint to the Espaciel reflector?

Sonia: The light reflector is a great good solution that facilitates the reflection of light in a room. Light paint and the reflector are two complementary products. First of all, the light reflector brings brightness by redirecting the natural light in the room. Then, the light-painted walls and ceiling allows light to flow easily inside. These are two ecological solutions for well-being at home!

choisir peinture lumière ecobati espaciel


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Monitoring EcoBati projects

Espaciel : How do you advise your customers when they have a painting project?

Sonia: Above all, we take our time with the customers, we listen to what they want. We discuss with them about their projects: it is important to ask for more details on the room and the support they want to paint to give them the most suitable advice. We inquire about the color of the floor and furniture so that everything can be harmonized. We search with them the type and color of paint that would suit perfectly to their room.

Espaciel : How are your customers’ accommodations?

Sonia: In Liege area, rural area, our customers mostly live in old stone houses, with thick walls (read a testimony with this situation here). In these cases, I urge them to paint their interiors in bright colors to break the dark side of the housing.

Espaciel : What to do when there are wooden beams?

Sonia: It is a very common case among our customers. Beamed ceilings give an oppressive and dark side to the room. My tip to keep the beams is to paint them in white to provide a better lighting and to give the impression that the ceiling is higher. Lime paints are the most suitable and convenient to paint ceilings.

Espaciel : How to prepare your room before painting?

Sonia: You just have just clear your room, and then dust off and wash the walls with vegetable soap. Your paint will have a better adhesion to the wall and the application will be easier.

Espaciel : Do you have tips for a successful paint application?

Sonia: For application with a new brush, I always tell my clients to moisten it before. For the first layer, think to dilute the paint to 10% with water. This greatly facilitates the application: the amount of paint is easier to work with.

For painting, my advice is to start with one end of the wall (and not in the middle), after all the room borders. This is the easiest and effective method for a uniform application.

Finally, the best is to apply two layers for a clean and opaque result.

Thank you Sonia for all your information and tips about painting!

Ecobati Sprimont – Zoning de Damré, Rue des Spinettes 5b, 4140 Sprimont



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