Success on Indiegogo for the Espaciel Smart Reflector!

The Espaciel Intelligent Reflector has passed the first stage of its pre-sales on Indiegogo! This is just the beginning as the campaign is now continuing in “In demand”.

What does this mean for our customers? We explain everything in this article…

Challenge met

With nearly 50 contributions, the Espaciel Intelligent Reflector reaches 30000 € of pre-orders. In only 36 days of campaigning on Indiegogo, Espaciel succeeds in its challenge: to fund the first pre-series of the Smart Reflector. This new product follows the movements of the sun in the sky to illuminate dark habitats.

Thank you again to each of the contributors for your participation in the pre-sales. We are happy to receive your trust. Congratulations to you! You contribute to the launch of a useful innovation to make homes more pleasant to live in, every day. Thank you also to you who share our ambition to make homes brighter by relaying the subject on social networks. It helps us a lot!

Pre-sales of the Smart Reflector continue on Indiegogo

Pre-sales continue on Indiegogo! This is called the “In demand” phase in Indiegogo jargon, it means that the project is confirmed (goal reached) and that you can still participate until the delivery phase in September 2021.

Our goal is to exceed 80 pre-orders by September. This is what leads us to maintain a specific ultra-attractive price level.

Great news! We are launching the “In demand” pre-sales with a super discount of -25%.

Schedule of First Deliveries

The delivery of the first pre-orders of the Intelligent Reflector is shifted from April to June 2021 for the first pre-series. The second pre-series planned in September remains unchanged. Espaciel is well advanced on the mechanical part. All the design aspects are finalized.

Most of the components have arrived and are in stock. Within the team I would like to congratulate Clément, our project manager, for his efforts and for this result.

However, we are behind schedule in testing the software that drives the Intelligent Reflector. This software consists of successive subroutines which have already been tested separately but not yet in an integrated way. The tests planned in March and April at our electronics partner could not be carried out.

This key step is postponed to May.

The new delivery schedule for the first pre-sales is postponed to June. The delivery of Indiegogo pre-sales is still scheduled for September 2021.

High Tech, the 2021 leitmotiv

We look forward to delivering and seeing you use the Intelligent Reflector. The next months will be crucial for the industrialization of the Intelligent Reflector. It is the first High Tech product that Espaciel conceives. We take very much to heart to pass this technological step with success and we make all the efforts for that.

Here is an example of the changes involved with the arrival of the Intelligent Reflector.

The Espaciel garden base has been made of plastic until now. We realize that its flexibility and lightness can be detrimental to the precision of the light redirection. We decided to make it evolve. Espaciel has designed a brand new metal base, with a refined design and increased stability.

In the coming weeks, this new support base will also equip the Garden Reflector and the Motorized Reflector.

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