The Espaciel blog is celebrating its first anniversary!

[:en]A year after the first post on Espaciel’s blog, we decided to interview Alexi, founder of the company. For this special occasion, we are looking back to the creation of the light reflector and talking about the news of Espaciel. Discover the interview below…


Presentation of Espaciel

1- Hello Alexi, can you introduce us Espaciel?

réflecteur de lumière espaciel

Espaciel is a word that expresses the service we provide:

Let the daylight come into your living space!

To make this concept real, Espaciel became a business in 2013. A team of 5 people was formed in Lille and Brussels.

We imagined a totally new product: the Espaciel reflector. This is the first window kit in the world that can bring more natural light at home. The Espaciel reflector is convenient, effective and affordable.

2- What gave you the idea of creating Espaciel and the light reflector?

The first reflector Espaciel I made was a simple installation for my windows. Back in 2004, I was living in a dark apartment, facing North East, with very thick walls.

I had some very positive feedbacks on this idea that had transformed my home. A friend even encouraged me to apply for a patent and to develop a more complete version of the device. I was totally in: a few years and patents later, the company offers a full range of window reflectors. Now Espaciel has customers in over 15 countries!

appartement nord sombre réflecteur de lumière espaciel


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3- Who is the Espaciel solution for?

Our customers are sensitive to natural light. They need it to feel good at home, and they are looking for well-being with Espaciel.

This need can be expressed very differently for each person. How daylight affects our customers’ lives and how they integrate it in their interior layout projects is a constant source of curiosity and interest.

réflecteur de lumière blog espaciel



The creation of the Espaciel blog

4- Why did you decide to start a blog one year ago? What do you want to share with readers?

I wish Espaciel could develop a relationship of quality with its customers. The idea is also to allow exchanges between clients. This is what we are beginning to do with the blog. New customers get savvy user testimonials from around the world. Espaciel blog aims to present and highlight all the possible applications of the window reflectors so that everyone can identify themselves: courtyard apartment, ground floor, basement, balcony… This blog is also a place where everyone can ask any questions.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you, Ines. You keep the blog alive with your many articles. It is a real investigative process that you are conducting to collect the opinions and testimonials of our clients. You combine very different aspects such as people’s feelings, physical measurements with a light meter and photographic reports. All this at a distance, it’s a challenge for each article. You meet it every time with the complicity of our clients… Thank you to them for their help and contribution and congratulations to you!

To sum up, Espaciel blog is…

réflecteur de lumière blog espaciel



And for the future…

5- Any news for Espaciel in 2016?

In 2016, Espaciel still wants to go further in the discovery and understanding of customer expectations. We focus on customers’ needs and offer them a product that perfectly suits their situation. Thanks to their feedbacks, we can optimize the light reflector every day. For me it is essential to listen to customers prior to imagine new solutions for everyone. Moreover, we are preparing some surprises for the coming months … Join us on Facebook to follow our latest news!

To discover our Youtube channel as fast as the light: I click here!

    Thank you Alexi for answering these questions and taking stock of this first year of sharing! Do you have a dark room and would you like to increase its natural brightness? Contact us and we will be happy to give you a personalized advice: write us at

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