6 ideas to be happy in winter with “Hygge”, the Danish well-being!

6 ideas to be happy in winter with “Hygge”, the danish well-being !

In 2017, according to the World Happiness Report, Denmark is the 2nd happiest country in the world. The secret? The “Hygge“, a Danish philosophy of life that places well-being, tenderness and warmth at the heart of its values. We take you to discover this lifestyle spirit through 6 ideas so that you can adopt the “Hygge” lifestyle at home.


What is the “Hygge”?

The word Hygge appeared in Denmark around the Middle Ages. During the long periods of cold weather and Danish winter, the “Hygge” was first introduced to remain positive. To overcome this winter depression, the Danes have made Hygge an art of living and a feeling of well-being linked to convivial, warm and enjoyable moments. Today the Danish way of life is spreading to foreign countries thanks to this new concept of happiness.

1. Enjoy the little moments of everyday life

Totally disconnect from social networks and your smartphone for at least a few hours a day. A happy life is a simple life. From now on, enjoy the moments and concentrate on the present moment. Have you ever noticed how pretty your town is? And nature, isn’t it wonderful?

2. Share a good meal with friends or family

Enjoy the presence of your loved ones around a convivial meal. Good mood, laughter and sharing, all the ingredients for a great time. After all, happiness is on the plate, too, isn’t it?


3. Enjoy a tea or a hot chocolate in front of a movie, relaxation guaranteed!

With this switch to winter time (find also our article on time changeover), when we get home from work it’s already almost dark, or completely dark. With no natural light available, there is only one thing left to do: slip under your plaid, put on big woolen socks and watch a movie with a good tea or hot chocolate to spend a zen moment. A simple thing to do to create a warm atmosphere.



4. Create a cosy and cocooning atmosphere in your home!

Make your interior a calm and prosperous little cloud. Living in a sad and dark environment is out of the question! Create your own little Hygge corner, a warm and friendly space where you like to relax… In the evening, use candles to illuminate your space in an enchanting place where you like to get lost, rest, daydream… Soft cushions, plaids and comfortable armchairs, everything you need to create a cocooning atmosphere in your home.

5. Bring more natural light into your home!

Natural light has a real power over our energy. With the switch to winter time, the days are shorter. We’re getting to turn our lights on more often. But artificial lighting does not nourish the body like natural light does. Here is the solution to enjoy the natural light available in front of your windows and patio doors during the day in your home. And on top of that, you see the sky reflected in it, which enlarges your field of vision while having a positive effect on your mood.


Placed in front of the window, the Espaciel Reflector captures daylight to redirect it deep into your home. Without any work, this design and discreet product saves you on average +50% of natural light every day, whatever the weather. Grey weather is not a fatality, Espaciel illuminates your days even when it rains!

6. Be positive!

You are beautiful, you are funny, you are intelligent but above all you are YOU! Every day, stay positive and say you’re happy. It’s as simple as that! Take a few minutes to compliment yourself, either during the day after a moment of intense stress or in the evening in bed before going to sleep. You’ll see it does a lot of good. Besides it is one of the main secrets to be happy and enjoy the Hygge.


Now you can immerse yourself in the Hygge to be luminous, every day!

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