Apartment North – Testimonial of William in Montreal

William T. and his wife Isabelle, a French-Canadian couple, are among our first Espaciel clients in Montreal, Canada. They live in an apartment on the 3rd and top floor of a typical 90s brick house. Exposed to the North, their north-facing apartment lacked natural light to their taste. Discover their testimony and the solution they found with Espaciel.

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Context of William and Isabelle’s situation

Can you show us your home?

My wife and I live in Montreal, Canada, in the borough of Outremont. When I was younger, I lived with my parents in a small village further north. I moved to the city to study, where I met Isabelle, and decided to stay there. Last year, we bought a new apartment in the north, less than 15 minutes drive from downtown Montreal. We needed more space as well as extra bedrooms for our two children. We also wanted to stay close to downtown Montreal since I work there.

We had a real crush on this apartment: large living rooms, 3 bedrooms, top floor of the building, very pleasant neighborhood … but it is not as naturally bright as our previous home. Indeed, our main rooms are north-facing: you never see the sun coming in. The living room has several windows but these are opposite to other buildings, which prevents the light from entering fully.


Did this lack of brightness bother you on a daily basis?

Our old apartment was extremely bright thanks to numerous bay windows and a southern exposure. When we visited our current apartment, we immediately noticed the difference in brightness although it is far from being totally dark. My wife has her own graphic design agency, she works at home and also does a lot of manual work.


For his well-being, a good luminosity is necessary, and from November to March, the days are getting significantly shorter here in Canada: the sun sets in the middle of the afternoon! This means that shortly after lunch we have to turn on the lights … This plays on our morale so we try to make the most of the natural light, especially in winter! Many people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder here, and like many Canadians, we have participated in light therapy sessions on several occasions. At the same time, we were looking for a natural solution to make up for this lack of light…

The arrival of Espaciel reflectors

How did you discover the Espaciel solution?

I was looking for a natural solution to optimize the luminosity inside our living room and I discovered the Espaciel website. I then contacted them last summer to make sure that this solution would suit our expectations in terms of natural light. It turned out that Jérémie, a consultant, was preparing a business trip to Canada the following month. I was all the more delighted to have a physical appointment with him.

Which solutions did you choose and why?

Jeremie came to my home which allowed him to make a quick and effective diagnosis. He had brought a test reflector to show me the desired effect. The reflective surface of the reflector reflected the light rays back onto my ceiling and deep into the room. He advised me on which windows to favour and how to install them: the two windows in the living room with an outside and an inside reflector, the living room with two inside reflectors side by side, the bedroom with a reflector on the railing. Although located to the north, the reflectors were going to reflect the natural light outside my house.


I ordered my light reflectors with him on the site’s online shop. I received the packages a week later and installed them using the instructions. It was very simple for the interior reflectors and quite easy for the exterior and balcony. You don’t necessarily have to be good at DIY to install them properly!



What has the installation of your light reflectors changed in your home?

Right after we installed our reflectors, we noticed a clear improvement. Of course, it’s not as bright as in our old apartment where the sun came in, but it compensates for the lack of clarity as we had imagined. The result can be seen every day and the effect is even stronger on sunny days.


If we come across a situation like this in a future home or with acquaintances, we will know who to turn to! In fact, I talked about it to one of my colleagues who lives in a half-basement a few blocks away from my house. I think a reflector installation could bring a little more natural light into his home.



Any last words?

I recommend the Espaciel light reflector to anyone who wants good natural light in their home. It changes the atmosphere and brings the room back to life. It’s a great way to light a room naturally and without major work! The price is incomparable to all other existing solutions (addition or enlargement of windows, light ducts…).

The product seems very resistant to me: it is light but resists the snowfalls that we have very frequently here in Canada. And it’s also environmentally friendly since the reflector captures the natural light available outside!

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    Thanks to William and Isabelle for their testimonial. If you too would like to send us your before/after pictures and tell us about your experience with your light reflectors, please write to us at info@espaciel.com.

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