Espaciel light reflectors at the BHV in Paris!

Since 2015, Espaciel has been offering light reflectors at the BHV Marais in Paris. One more step to allow everyone access to natural light:

Unsplash – Scott Webb

The BVH Marais “Style as Lifestyle”


Creating the best market in Paris was the objective of François Xavier Ruel in 1856.

Over the years, the BHV Marais, located on Place Rivoli in Paris, has established itself as an iconic Parisian department store.

Today the store has no less than 6 floors not counting the basement and a neighbouring men’s shop, a pet shop, a cycle shop and a carpet and parquet shop.


Also open on Sundays, the BHV Marais is located at 52 rue Rivoli in Paris from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Espaciel light reflectors

You can find different types of light reflectors at the BHV Marais in Paris:

Placed flat behind the window, the highly reflective surface of the Espaciel interior reflector captures available daylight and redirects it deep into your home.

Placed flat under the sky, you can tilt the Espaciel reflector to choose the area of your room to lighten.

Place a solar balcony reflector on the balustrade in front of your window and immediately enjoy more daylight every day, as well as sunlight at home in good weather.


Its highly reflective and unbreakable surface amplifies the daylight entering through your openings.

It installs in a few minutes in front of your windows or patio doors and works every day, even when it rains.

The light reflector also provides anti-glare visual comfort.

A word from the Espaciel team

We are very proud of this partnership between BHV Marais and Espaciel.

This collaboration also makes it possible for anyone interested in the light reflector to visit the site and see the products.

Excellent advisers are there to answer all your questions! 😀

    Do you have a question or would you like to benefit from personalised advice to consolidate your project with Espaciel light reflectors?

    All you have to do is send us an email to this address:

    What happens next is right here on Espaciel.


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