How to light a room in depth with the Motorized Reflector? Discover our collaboration with the Youtubeur Comme un pingouin dans le désert.

As a penguin in the desert is a passionate DIYer, he created his YouTube channel to showcase the work he does and share his tips, ideas and findings. Fond of innovation and ecology, he tested the Motorized Reflector during a recent video demo in partnership with Espaciel.

Like a penguin in the desert riding the Espaciel Motorized Reflector

Project sheet :

  • Project: Product trial and demo
  • Type of housing : House in the country
  • City : Montceau-les-Mines (71)
  • Opening : French window opening onto the garden
  • Room to light : The dining room
  • Model installed : The Motorized Garden Reflector


Very bright, the house of Like a penguin in the desert was not a suitable context to test the Motorized Reflector. It is thus at his parents’ home that he carried out the tests. The main room of their house is the dining room. Exposed to the East, it receives the sun well in the morning but not at all at midday and in the afternoon. Like a penguin in the desert, he really likes the idea of being able to draw sunshine from the bottom of the garden all day long!

In this article, discover his experience in pictures and videos!

Like a penguin in the desert manipulating the remote control of the Motorized Garden Reflector


At the home of the parents of Like a Penguin in the Desert, the dining room is long. The back of the room is far from the French window. It remains dark all the time. Placed in the sun in the garden, the motorized reflector reflects the light into the room like a light pipe. The remote control allows you to precisely adjust the angle of light redirection to illuminate the room in depth.

Operating diagram of the Motorized Garden Reflector – Schematic diagram


Following the installation of the Motorized Reflector, the result is impressive! The light contribution is clearly visible on the ceiling.

Solar projection of the Motorized Reflector on the ceiling of the dining room

The Espaciel reflector reflects the sun’s rays towards the ceiling. By diffusion it lights the whole room which is clearer and warmer.

Before and after effect in the dining room. The effect of the Motorized Reflector on the natural lighting is clearly visible


Like a penguin in the desert, he didn’t just test the product in his parents’ house. He also filmed the report and analyzed how the product was assembled and used. An interesting testimony from an experienced handyman.

Discover the video clip of Like a penguin in the desert here :

Video presenting the Motorized Garden Reflector by Comme un Pingouin dans le Désert

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