How to illuminate an apartment on a courtyard in Paris?

Virginie lives in an apartment in Paris with her family. It is located on the second floor, with her children’s bedrooms overlooking an interior courtyard. She wanted to light these two rooms, darkened by their environment and exposed to the northwest.

Virginie handling the Espaciel Reflector

Project sheet :

  • Owner : Virginie
  • Housing type: 1st floor apartment
  • City : Île-de-France (Paris)
  • Openings : Windows with balustrade on inner court
  • Rooms to be lit: Two bedrooms
  • Installed Espaciel models : The Balcony Reflector

Context of the situation

In the Paris region, Virginie has an apartment on the second floor with a northwestern exposure. However, it overlooks an interior courtyard.

There are two bedrooms, two children’s rooms with windows that have a landscape, a wall right in front of them that prevents natural light and sunlight from passing.

One window faces north and the other west. Virginie wanted to light her children’s rooms with Espaciel reflectors.

Virginie working from home in her apartment naturally lit by Espaciel reflectors

Search for a solution

Virginie discovered Espaciel and its Light Reflector thanks to her curiosity leading her on our website Virginie contacted us to look for the Light Reflector adapted to her configuration and offering an optimal result.

Our team of lighting consultants came up with the Balcony Reflector. The openings of the rooms have each a balustrade allowing an easy installation without work.

Balcony Reflector Operating Diagram – Espaciel Diagram


After installing 4 Balcony Reflectors, Virginie is delighted with the result. Her morning pleasure is to adjust the reflectors and see the play of light.

I find it really brightens up the room. It brightens up my grey days.

Before and After Effect of the Ceiling Daylight Reflector

Easy to install and to complement with a planter, the Balcony Reflector fully meets Virginie’s expectations. Crucially, in addition to being discreet and practical, Virginie can close her blinds without the slightest hindrance by straightening the surface vertically. And above all, when changing balustrades, the Light Reflector can be reused and adapted to different railings.

The janitor of Virginia’s building, who lives on the first floor, also went through a personal consultation to get the right Light Reflector and she is totally satisfied.

From my office I can even see the sky now.

Virginie posing with her Espaciel reflectors – Photo Le Parisien

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