Smart reflector : Experience the Loft Before and After!

Hugo lives in Roubaix (59), in a loft on the first floor, he has a garden and several rooms upstairs that lack natural light. His wish is to bring more sunlight into his loft. Hugo being of a reserved nature, Camille and Tom are the ones who gladly lent themselves to the acting game. They present you the before/after experience in Hugo’s loft with the new Intelligent Reflector.

The living room of Hugo’s loft. In the background, the mezzanine rooms which do not receive the sun directly. The solar projection on the picture comes from the reflector in the garden – Photo Espaciel

Project sheet :

  • Owner : Hugo
  • Housing type: Loft in first floor
  • City : Roubaix (59)
  • Openings : Windows on a garden
  • Room to light : Kitchen and rooms upstairs
  • Espaciel model installed : Intelligent reflector


Hugo’s problem is the lack of sunlight in his loft. Light and sunlight are present in his garden but do not enter the mezzanine rooms.

For several months, Hugo wondered how to enhance the potential of his loft with the help of natural light?

Camille installs the Intelligent Reflector in the garden adjacent to Hugo’s loft – Photo Espaciel


Diagram of the Intelligent Reflector’s operation – Schematic diagram

After visiting the website, Hugo contacted us to look for a natural lighting solution without any work. Our team of lighting consultants suggested the Motorized Garden Reflector that he bought last summer. Since then, he has expressed his satisfaction. Hugo has even invested in Espaciel during a participative fundraising!

To thank Hugo for his involvement with us, Camille and Tom came at his request to test the Intelligent Reflector. This novelty is an evolution of the Motorized Reflector.

This new Espaciel Reflector is equipped with a solar sensor that follows the movements of the sun in real time. Thanks to the Intelligent Reflector, Hugo can also light upstairs rooms as well as his office and kitchen. The effect is fantastic in the mezzanine rooms.

Before/after of Hugo’s loft kitchen – Gif Espaciel


The result is impressive. Particularly in the darkest rooms because they are lit in second day at a distance of the bay windows. The rooms upstairs are enhanced by the sun’s rays.

The obtained benefit is immediate and bluffing. We notice that the sun rays brought by the Espaciel reflector are diffused in the lit room by reverberation on the ceiling. This brings an important quantity of natural light without being dazzling. The luminosity goes from 8 to 234 lux. Hugo is delighted with the results of this before and after loft experience. He would also like to purchase a Smart Reflector.

Before/after of Hugo’s loft child’s room – Gif Espaciel


Hugo’s before and after loft experience with the Intelligent Reflector – Video Espaciel

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