7 Innovative gifts from French startups to offer, or to give each other for Christmas!

7 Innovative gifts from French startups to offer, or to give each other for Christmas!

“Le Noël de la French Tech” is a community of French start-ups with a wide range of gift ideas to offer this Christmas. The initiative is a great success and has sparked the creation of similar operations in New York, Barcelona and the Nordic countries. Espaciel is proud to be part of this event. Discover some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas right now: 7 unique gifts to spoil yourself or to offer friends and family, which will contribute to your well-being from dawn till dusk, and from dusk till dawn!


Jérémie, a Lighting advisor here at Espaciel, attended the Noel de La French Tech launch event, which took place a few days ago at the Atelier Renault on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. He even had the good fortune to meet Axelle Lemaire: Secretary of State responsible for Digital and Innovation.


Christmas gifts for a restful night’s sleep…


Is your mattress starting to feel old and worn? Then choose the incredible Tediber mattress!     

The Tediber mattress is both firm and welcoming! How? Thanks to the combination of 3 complementary technologies: perforated latex, memory foam and high-resilience Tediber foam, you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep than ever before!            


Discover TEDIBER From €450


Now that you’re in a truly comfortable bed, how can you fall asleep in an instant?         

To fall asleep really fast, simply choose Dodow! This lovely luminous metronome will enable you to relearn how to fall asleep naturally.  The goal is to synchronise your breathing with the gentle light emitted by Dodow: this light, which comes on and off at a slow and regular rhythm, will help you to relax and gently switch off. On average, users fall asleep 2.5 times faster!

Dodow rebalances your nervous system and helps you to relax, in order to break the vicious circle of stress and anxiety.        

The perfect gift for a restful night’s sleep!


Discover DODOW From €49

Christmas presents to promote well-being, all day long…                 


Small, discreet and effective, Hector is a cube connected to your Smartphone. It memorises the changes in your environment: degree of humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature and even the weather forecasts… Thanks to Hector, your interior will be perfectly healthy; you’ll have all the information at your finger tips!


Discover HECTOR From €49,90


“Create a living decorative object enabling you to stay in contact with nature, even at the office”, this was the initial idea of Sophie Fiacre, the creator of Lumipouss, the first ever botanical lamp! Thanks to its autonomous watering system and lighting ingeniously combined with the pot, this lamp enables you to cultivate indoor plants.                    

Lumipouss is a source of well-being and inspiration.

If you’d like to welcome nature into your interior but don’t have green fingers, then a Lumipouss lamp is the ideal solution!


Discover LUMIPOUSS From €90


Elegant and beautifully designed, the Êverie fragrance diffuser enables you to personalise the scent in your home, naturally. This beautiful designer object diffuses scents in your home thanks to our little scent capsules. These scent capsules, of which we offer a range of 16, are plant-based and guaranteed free from chemical additives, and are fully respectful of the environment.

The capsules are recyclable and remain entirely sealed between uses, and you can therefore reuse them whenever you wish!            

Discover ÊVERIE From €279 


Do you suffer from a sore back at the end of the day? Are you often slumped in your chair? Then Percko could be the answer for you!

Alexis and Quentin, the founders of Percko, have created an anti-back pain t-shirt undergarment that will help to straighten your back. You can wear it all day long, and even during sports activities. It’s a genuine second skin, and will help you to improve your posture.                      

It is made from a comfortable and ultra-breathable fabric that acts directly on your back to stimulate it and encourage better posture!     


Discover PERCKO From €129


Would you like more natural light in your gloomy interior? Espaciel is THE solution! 

Dark and gloomy homes are now a thing of the past!  Practical and effective, Espaciel light reflectors amplify the natural light in your rooms, instantaneously, every day, even in dark rainy weather. Equipped with a highly reflective and adjustable surface, Espaciel reflectors propel natural daylight in the chosen direction. More natural light in your home means more well-being and vitality. And what’s more, you’ll even see the sky reflected in it…           


Discover 5 good reasons to offer a light reflector for Christmas        

Tediber, Dodow, Hector, Lumipouss, Êverie, Percko and Espaciel are among the 200 start-ups participating in the Noël de la French Tech 2016 programme, find out more here: www.noeldelafrenchtech.fr

    Do you have a dark room and want to increase its natural light? Write to info@espaciel.com ou contactez-nous et nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous apporter un conseil personnalisé :

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