5 reasons to give a light reflector for Christmas

Christmas is coming! It’s time to select the gifts that will be under the tree on December 25… Discover in this post 5 reasons to give a friend or a family member a light reflector for Christmas. We are also very pleased to have been selected and to be part of the “French Xmas list”. So do not wait anymore!

What is the French Xmas List? The French Xmas list is an initiative taken by a group of French startups. Its aim is to offer original gifts ideas for Christmas. These gifts are listed by category: deco, children, greedy, music… The goal is to provide creative and innovative gift while supporting the growth of French start-ups! Espaciel is proud to be part of this Christmas list, alongside other innovative startups.

English website coming soon: frenchXmas.com




1. Offer well-being at home

Espaciel’s mission is to make daylight accessible to everyone at home. Having a nice natural lighting at home is a real source of well-being. It makes an apartment or a house more pleasant. However, according to a recent study, one French out five considers that its home is too dark … And this need of natural light does not stop at the borders of France! Espaciel is THE gift to let your relatives or friends enjoy a brighter and more comfortable interior.


2. Bring cheerfulness in your family or friend’s home

espaciel balcon casquette couverture

Living in a bright interior positively affects our mood. The Espaciel light reflector can change the atmosphere of a room by bringing up to 50% additional natural light inside. Even when the weather is cloudy or rainy, it redirects the light from the sky and makes the room cheerful and bright. With an Espaciel reflector, you will brighten the days of your loved ones!

3. Give a useful and innovative gift

enfant cadeau espaciel

Want to offer an unusual gift? But also useful? The Espaciel light reflector is innovative, practical and original! Indeed, it is a unique solution in the world made to improve natural brightness at home, instantly and without construction work. In addition, its fixings are suitable for all types of windows.

4. “Made in France” quality

espaciel_made_in_france_smallWe chose to work with French manufacturers to produce our components. Each light reflector is carefully made in our workshops in Lille (Northern France). This allows us to guarantee a product with high-quality finishing.

Think green

The light reflector is an innovative way of using the available daylight outside your windows. It’s a free and inexhaustible energy that is partly unused; all the light rays are not directed inside the room. With Espaciel, you release this potential and let in more light through your windows. Moreover, our light reflectors are eco-designed and fully recyclable at the end of life.

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You or one of your relatives have a lack of natural daylight at home? The Espaciel team is available every day to give you the best advices in your quest of natural light:

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