Lighting naturally, with no shade for nature

At Espaciel, light is not the only thing that is natural. Discover our actions for the environment and society.


Espaciel is the pioneer of the natural light reflector for the habitat. For 5 years the company has been developing a wide range of lighting solutions, accessible to the greatest number of people. This innovation, unique of its kind, is based on a proactive approach in terms of ecology and sustainable development. Here are some of the most salient elements.

S’éclairer naturellement

The Espaciel reflector makes it possible to gain in brightness using a totally free and renewable resource. Light from the sky. This contribution reduces the need for artificial lighting. This is a significant gain since this energy expenditure item represents 13% of the average electricity bill of a family in France.

Offering the possibility of optimising the entry of daylight into a building also means creating the opportunity to make the most of neglected spaces. All over Europe, many city centres are emptying of their inhabitants, attracted by a car lifestyle on the outskirts.

This phenomenon of urban sprawl nibbles away at ecosystems and drives people away. Natural light can play an important role in the reappropriation of old habitats and dense neighbourhoods. At Espaciel, this conviction drives us to develop practical and adaptable solutions.


Noble and durable materials

Natural light will still be available a thousand years from now. Unfortunately, some of the waste from our everyday consumption will be there too! At Espaciel, we have adopted this adage full of common sense: “The best waste is the waste we don’t create”. The Espaciel reflector is made of noble materials with a lifespan of more than 10 or even 30 years.

Our products are made of more than 90% aluminium. It is a material whose ecological virtues for construction are little known. Its basic ore, bauxite, is very present in the earth’s crust, which is 8% aluminium (Al). Its initial manufacturing process is energy-intensive, but this material is easily recycled because of its low melting point (less than 700°c, i.e. half that of steel). 30% of the aluminium currently used in Europe comes from recycling.

For Espaciel, the use of this material follows in the footsteps of Jean Prouvé, an inventive builder who used aluminium for furniture and housing from 1950 to 1980.


The lightness of Espaciel components allows energy savings during transport and offers incomparable ease of assembly. The resistance of Espaciel reflectors is also a guarantee of durability, reliability and safety.

Fully recyclable packaging

It takes 400 years for a plastic bag to degrade, 1000 years for polystyrene. That means that if Louis XIII had thrown away plastic bags, they would be gone by now. As for the polystyrene, we would only be rid of it if it had been thrown away before Hugues Capet!

At Espaciel, we have designed our packaging in cardboard, without plastic or polystyrene. Even the tape used to close the packages is made of sticky paper. All of our reflector packaging can be easily recycled with the paper and allows us to recreate new objects.


We still have one more hurdle to clear at this level. The screw bag is still made of plastic (polyethylene – PE). A detail that is very important to us. We are looking for bio-sourced and biodegradable bag solutions.

Locally made

Producing products that are used locally is a well-known concept in agriculture. We are proud to count among our customers the Migros cooperative in Switzerland (Do-it and Garden store in Geneva) which is a pioneer in short circuits and piggybacking.

For Espaciel, it makes sense to apply this principle to industrial products. Western companies tend to relocate in a systematic way, without prior economic analysis. One industrial job is 3 associated jobs in high added value services. So in order to create interesting local jobs, you have to create local industries with high value added.


Socially responsible partners

Among the manufacturing partners, Espaciel has a specialised ESAT workshop and an approved centre for integration through economic activity IAE. These companies are just as professional as the others, they also play a specific social role that deserves to be supported by ongoing collaboration.


Any last words?

Beyond its health and wellness benefits, natural light is a major issue in reducing the ecological footprint of our lifestyle.
Our primary ambition, to provide a service to our customers, is reinforced by our social contribution.

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